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Dave Flodine's blog

8:32 AM on 06.18.2012

Musings on Hiatus

To all my loyal readers of the last year and a bit, i want to thank you for enjoying my ramblings on the games i play and some of my thoughts on the medium. Partly due to personal reasons, partly due to other project ideas,...   read

7:52 AM on 06.11.2012

Musings postponed

I'm sorry to say that this week Monday Musings will have to be postponed for some very personal reasons. I should be back in full swing next Monday, but just as an inkling of what i'm playing, good lord is Trackmania Unite...   read

1:48 AM on 06.04.2012

Monday Musings - 4th June, 2012

It's been a busy day of comics and writing, but now i have my coffee and it's time for the Monday musings (turns on Persona 4 soundtrack). Below the Root (PC) I've mentioned The Adventure Gamer before, and his quest to p...   read

9:20 PM on 05.27.2012

Monday Musings - 28th May, 2012

Another week, another musings. Let's get to it! Diablo 2 (PC) To fill the void of Diablo 3, i went back to Diablo 2. Here's the thing though... i've played this game pretty much every year since its release, sometimes fo...   read

5:39 AM on 05.21.2012

Monday Musings - 21st May, 2012

Hello all. I'm gathering most people's game playing week has consisted of a good dose of Diablo 3. Mine did too... kinda. Read on and find out. Let us muse. Limbo (360) Since my quick review went up late last week i don...   read

3:00 AM on 05.14.2012

Monday Musings - 14th May, 2012

Oof, that sickness last week really took it out of me folks, but Dave is back and a picture of health (what kind of picture? Well i'll just leave that up to your imagination). Time for Dave to stop talking in the third pers...   read

2:36 AM on 05.07.2012

Musings postponed

Heya folks. Fun times this week (he said sarcastically). I not only contracted a cold/flu over the weekend but i think i've been hit with a bout of food poisoning on top of that. Due to this writing for more than a sentence...   read

1:34 AM on 04.30.2012

Monday Musings - 30th April, 2012

Hey folks. Musings might become a little more cutback in the coming weeks. I've been forced to relocate my living arrangements and have lost most of my gaming possessions. I have this laptop, and my Steam and GoG accounts t...   read

5:34 AM on 04.23.2012

Monday Musings - 23rd April, 2012

It's another week folks. Things have been going pretty badly lately, but gaming helps to heal the wounds, and yes there was quite a lot of it this week. Let's muse! Alan Wake (PC) This is actually an omission from last w...   read

8:58 PM on 04.15.2012

Monday Musings - 16th April, 2012

It's a Monday, and there was gaming. Let us muse! Catherine (PS3) Man what is with Atlus and their end games? I thought starting off the week being at stage 7, it'd take an hour or so to complete the game. Ha! Nope, afte...   read

7:58 PM on 04.08.2012

Monday Musings - 9th April, 2012

This week i did something that i haven't done in a while (and used to be a staple of my gaming habits)... i downloaded and played some demos. Extra Credits was responsible with their most recent episode of 'Games you might ...   read

3:33 AM on 04.02.2012

Monday Musings - 2nd April, 2012

Man what a day. Wrestlemania in the morning, intense bass lessons in the afternoon, and i somehow sprained or twisted my ankle during the day. Forgiveness if musings is a little lite this week. Mass Effect (PC) I finishe...   read

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