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7:12 AM on 08.16.2007


So yesteday I was talking with my older brother via AIM, and we started searching youtube/retrojunk for the intros to old cartoons and live action shows we used to watch as children. After about an hour of this I thought "Hey maybe some of the nostalgia buffs may be into doing something like this." So i propse you guys search the web for some of the intro to some of your favorite shows as a kid. Granted, I understand that we are all different ages so we will have a nice mix of some really old school stuff and some more recognizable. I am really interested to see what the dtoiders outside of the US watched as kids.

I'll embed the first few videos but in the post in order to save space, it is advised that you just provide a description & link




I really hope we can keep this going so more people have time to see this and its not taken off the front page by one line intros and bioshock posts. If this picks up I'll post more of my own plus some monstrosities...

ps. Will someone please tell me if these arent working?   read

11:03 PM on 08.14.2007

should i waste money on a twin?

I really want to pick this up becuase both my nintendo and supernintendo have a number of problems with them but it would be stupid to let my classic games (50+)all go to waste. I added up the parts i need for both systems and it costs more than the FC twin I also have a wii and have been taking advantage of the Virtual console, but at the rate things are going, i'll never get the games i want. On amazon the FC is only about 35$. I mean it even utilizes AV cables as opposed to coax cables. But then i keep thinking to myself, this is not the real deal. Will i get and it'll be lackluster? Man I fret over the stupidest shit.   read

9:57 AM on 07.29.2007

any better ideas for a simpsons tat?

i've been meaning to get the ball rolling on this tattoo for about a year now. Im getting a simpsons tattoo without a doubt but im having trouble picking something perfect. I'm not looking for something generic and simple like homer's head or bart but something witty and original. As of now im going to get the broken "can i borrow a feeling" cassette since Kirk is one of my favorite characters along with hans moleman. Both of their extreme depression and lack of luck is what makes them so awesome.

Thats the best pic i can get...but you get the idea.

Can anyone in the Dtoid community think of something better or just as good?   read

2:43 PM on 07.08.2007


in case anyone hasn't heard this awesome band / song. The originators of "nintendoXcore" for their use of 8 bit synth and few songs about nintendo


Lyrics   read

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