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DarwinMayflower avatar 2:16 PM on 01.19.2010  (server time)
When a gaming community comes together to mourn.

In this world where gaming is still seen as this activity of bloodthirsty shut ins, middle aged loners (or until recently middle-aged housewives looking for an online trick) and a reason for obesity, it's hard pressed to find good examples of positive news or examples of gamers. Yes we do come together to celebrate gaming but often when anyone talks about the community, they refer to it as a fanbase or a market to exploit; or more importantly a group of fanatics that will cry foul over some gameplay tweak or in game glitch than talk well of each other. Even praise amongst us is superficial idolization of the best rather than the character behind that talent.

I'm doing this post because I'm part of a great gaming community of and a well known contributing member of that community Ricardo "Dasrik" LaFaurie had passed away. It's funny because I knew Dasrik from another online forum well before joining up at It's hard to imagine that you can know someone online for 10 years, which IMHO is a lifetime. But it's even harder to imagine that someone who's a part of your online history is now gone. While it's easy to dismiss online relationships, there are real people on the other side. While we might forgive the shortcomings of the random troll or idiot, when you actually have someone who isn't acting like a complete moron; that makes for a solid friendship and it his harder when you lose them.

We've come together when one of our members have passed away and this time I think it needs special mention because of the unprecedented amount of love, support and generosity from a gaming community concerning the life of a human being.

Currently we've:

- Raised over $5000 in donations that will 100% go to his family.
- Had an anonymous donor of $2000 from a single person.
- Currently have a special memorial raffle for a Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition with proceeds going towards the memorial fund.
- Countless of condolences from members all across the fighting game community.

I will admit, yes I will post links to the donation page and the raffle because even if it seems inappropriate, this tragic moment in life reaffirms that gamers are good people and our community should be indicative that some people reading this are as considerate and caring as any other gaming community. It goes to show that we are not a bunch of anti-social nerds who need to be regulated by a gov't body, but human beings. This is an example of the positive aspects of the gaming community that everyone should know and take to heart.

If you wish to participate in the memorial raffle here is the information.!

This is the RIP Thread for Dasrik:

This is the original donation thread:

If you wish to donate you are more than welcomed to. This has grown beyond anything anyone had hoped for. Even if you simply want to make a account to say RIP in the thread, it will be appreciated.

R.I.P Dasrik

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