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DarwinMayflower avatar 2:00 AM on 08.27.2010  (server time)
Scott Pilgrim vs. the Box Office; really what did you expect?

I love Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Brilliantly adapted. The changes from the novel were beyond well suited, they were strokes of genius. Wright gets it right. Simply the best adapted creative work since Harry Potter: PoA.

However upon watching the dismay at the box office and the apparently failure of film, even going so far as vanity fair making a plea to watch this film which can appeal to most everyone and anyone; really does it seem like such a stretch that Pilgrim is goose egging at the theaters?

You have Edgar Wright which an apparent niche group of people get his brand of humour. You have Michael Cera who's success in films are only determined by whether it's an alternative darling of the month, a series that is totally aimed at 30-40 year olds with distinct nostolgia of a certain time era and a concept that based on what most people think is a comic book.

It's like somehow people thought this perfect storm union of geekery would result in a media geek hammer that would bludgeon's people's apprehension to watch films like these, like smashing a badnik and making them into a fluffy Pilgrim embracing animal. I for one am glad for the marketing this film had got, like many of you I am also disappointed at how badly it performed at the box office. I'm not one for rankings, ratings and numbers anymore, I left that back in the Entertainment Tonight era in the late 90's, but given it's content, what it is and how far it came along perhaps this financial failure (so far) is an indication of how good it actually is. We basically got on of the best films of the year being a geek filled, fun film that includes all aspects of geek culture from games, music, film and comics. I knew that when the trailer said "It's on like Donkey Kong," they were not screwing around with making this film for us and not trying to make it for everyone.

IMHO Scott Pilgrim is a success, as much as a success as it could be given the odds. Be content it got this chance, that it actually exists in such a way that it's not a complete bastardization of the taste of the fanbase.

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