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It sucks to have a shitty PC

..cause I don't pour money into my system (I'm not actually a hardcore gamer). I'm gonna buy a new system, and I'm poor as shit, so I will carefully deliberate my purchase. It needs to be expandable (don't want to buy new maj...


Lazy Man's Guide: Making your own 2d scroller

The scrolling game development TWO was just released. The SDK handles everything: graphics, sounds, and music. All you need is DirectX, .Net, and a little C# experience. The SDK takes the sharp edges off making a basic game. No fancy graphics, just a 2d scroll, but the SDK does the heavy lifting for you. The included demo projects are also a fun play. Hop to it, destructoid!


Fuck you, destructoid

Probably should be "fuck you, elephant". I posted a lengthy comment about the law and various legalities on THIS POST. You fuckers ate my comment. I hope the responsible party is raped by a razor-dicked pikachu, so they get electrocuted as they get raped. Bleeding out is a bonus.


Fallout; it isn't the best game ever

I started playing Fallout 2 last thursday. It has eaten my entire weekend. Despite the kludgy graphics, the occasional inverse color problem, and the crappy interface..Fallout fuckin' rocks. I can't put my finger on it: I don...


I review a porn game (SFW)

Yes, I played a porn game. The game was "Lula 3d", and despite it's low score on MobyGames, I gave it a shot because it was the latest in the series, and 3d. Also, I thought maybe german game devs made awesome porn games. Spo...


Fuck, it's monday

It's 12:09 on monday morning. fuck, I have to sleep, I have two tests, a take home exam, and a research paper draft due..today.. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH VIDEO GAMES I spent the weekend with family and perl. Shit, how unproductive. FUCK. FUCK FUCK FUCK. ..and i'm spent (and a little drunk, if you care)


I like single player games.

Fuck you guys and your hardcore deathmatch slayer supercool shit. Single player rocks. I hated halo 1 and 2 multiplayer. Halo 1, I was constantly frustrated over the unbalanced weapons and map layouts. Halo 2, I played onlin...


About DarthFreddone of us since 9:15 AM on 03.08.2007

Shit son, I'm up to here in this bitch! I'm not hardcore, didn't play games as a kid, have not played final fantasy, do not like either mario or zelda, hell, the only games I still play are Deus Ex and Morrowind. That might change if I got either a console or a better system, but I can't afford that shit right now.

I like delicious caek. I can be found on irc.foonetic.net #xkcd quite often.

Check this shit out, nigga!

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