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Darkknight37 avatar 1:37 AM on 10.20.2009
Self-Inspired Gaming: Rearranging Your Setup

Along the long road of gaming, you tend to hit a snag or two, when it comes to being into your games. In the most recent years, gaming and home theater setups have become synonymous with each other, prompting us all to put together our most creative setup that defines who we are. This is the case for us gamers who enjoy all facets of entertainment, especially movies, sports and television. Adding the affordability of HDTVs to this mix, and home theater setups have all but become a total contest.

This may be a personal issue, but sometimes I grow bored of looking at the same surroundings. I do believe in familiarity, but I find that within the contents of my setup, rather than the arrangement of it. I first posted my serious set up here a while back, and since then it's gone through this change (and a broken digicam as well :/ ).

Its been about a year since this setup, and I think I'm ready to change it up once more. It's surprising how stale a setup can be, even if it is still kicking so much ass as is right now. But since my first setup, I've gained an HDTV and tried to get cute with a retro gaming station with my old tv. I'm gonna try to set it back up to the original spot, but optimize my area much more. I'm pretty excited to do this, since I'd love to see that first setup with my HDTV and retro spot implemented.

Do you guys change your setup around periodically to "keep it new"?

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