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Let's see...

My PS2 broke down in Octoboer '05, and I was so irritated because that was the 8th time that had happened, I swore off systems. Fast forward to December '06, and my friend and I wanted to find an activity to do, but I live in Detroit and he lives in Houston. I broke down and pursued an Xbox 360, and I came out of my year long retirement from gaming.

I dig mostly on sports games, but I fell in love with sandbox GTA games. I don't spend too much time playing, as I try to divide my free time up as much as possible. But because of my narrow gaming tastes, it does not mean I'm closed off to other game types. No WoW though, I'm geeky enough as is.

Away from gaming, I love sports, comics, cartoons, anime and movies. I don't watch as much television as I use to, but I keep up with what I love as much as possible. Cartoons are all I watch on tv besides sports anyway. I also love to write. I write leisurely and sometimes I utilize blogging. I stick to short stories more than anything. I gotta find a spot to slap a link to my myspace, if that's an acceptable action around here. I'm still unsure.

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I've seen a lot of badass setups, and decided to show my ghetto-fabulous Nerd Cave.

Quick overview of the setup with my nephew playing a game of football with our beloved Lions. :/

No fat man should ever be without a fridge, especially with a Star Wars poster on the big door and a Cowboy Bebop poster on the freezer door.

Another angle of the fridge with view of a couple of dusty shelves.

Straight on at the 27" Samsung w/ 500w Sony surround sound. Josh shows love.

The futon where I slumber, and two wallscrolls I have no idea where to put.

Not my Turning Point rig. It can surf the web, give me porn and post fail blogs.

For more specifics, refer to the sticker-thingy.

I need new furniture and an HDTV, but I'm holding out for something bigger than a 37", so hopefully the room can be complete by the summer.

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