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1:09 PM on 03.26.2008

Darkknight37 says:

My Gaming Setup in Serious Need of Dusting and HDTV

I've seen a lot of badass setups, and decided to show my ghetto-fabulous Nerd Cave.

Quick overview of the setup with my nephew playing a game of football with our beloved Lions. :/

No fat man should ever be without a fridge, especially with a Star Wars poster on the big door and a Cowboy Bebop poster on the freezer door.

Another angle of the fridge with view of a couple of dusty shelves.

Straight on at the 27" Samsung w/ 500w Sony surround sound. Josh shows love.

The futon where I slumber, and two wallscrolls I have no idea where to put.

Not my Turning Point rig. It can surf the web, give me porn and post fail blogs.

For more specifics, refer to the sticker-thingy.

I need new furniture and an HDTV, but I'm holding out for something bigger than a 37", so hopefully the room can be complete by the summer.

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