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My PS2 broke down in Octoboer '05, and I was so irritated because that was the 8th time that had happened, I swore off systems. Fast forward to December '06, and my friend and I wanted to find an activity to do, but I live in Detroit and he lives in Houston. I broke down and pursued an Xbox 360, and I came out of my year long retirement from gaming.

I dig mostly on sports games, but I fell in love with sandbox GTA games. I don't spend too much time playing, as I try to divide my free time up as much as possible. But because of my narrow gaming tastes, it does not mean I'm closed off to other game types. No WoW though, I'm geeky enough as is.

Away from gaming, I love sports, comics, cartoons, anime and movies. I don't watch as much television as I use to, but I keep up with what I love as much as possible. Cartoons are all I watch on tv besides sports anyway. I also love to write. I write leisurely and sometimes I utilize blogging. I stick to short stories more than anything. I gotta find a spot to slap a link to my myspace, if that's an acceptable action around here. I'm still unsure.

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In my absence from blogging about gaming, a few newsworthy items appeared that peaked my interests. Among them was how Prototype didn't quite live up to the epicness that I had held out hopes for. Another was the announcement that my grandfather game for the 360 Crackdown had finally been given the green light for a sequel.

The link above provides fan footage from the Tokyo Gameshow that shows us the multiplayer aspect of the game up close. I am pleased to find out that the physics and graphics have returned in what appears to be a perfect transition from the first game. We were promised that this was the case, but sometimes you really need to see it to believe it. Even the voice over guy is back, talkin his brand of garbage to you.

I really hope there is a free roam style a la GTA IV, and we're not stuck with only death matches.

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