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Darkknight37 avatar 3:05 AM on 05.24.2009  (server time)
Back After Months of No Innanets; STILL Playing Saint's Row 2 (spoilery)

The economy sucks balls.

With that being said, I've just gotten back into the swing of things as far as a JOB goes, and I'm among the
living once again. Unfortunately, my gaming experiences have not changed much. Or maybe that's a good

Since launch, I've been playing Saint's Row 2 non-stop.I have 3 different characters at over 80 hours a pop,
and I really show no signs of stopping. I haven't finished Gears of War 2 because of this, and I embarrassingly
only have like 2 hours tops in Fallout 3. They sit on my shelf, just waiting their damn turn, while I ignore their
cries of boredom. To make things even WORSE, I haven't even finished GTA IV.

I recently purchased the first DLC pack for SR2, and have had mild amusement with it. I'm loving the subtle, but
obvious teases that are implying that the Row will soon be infected by the walking dead. I mean, the engine
already exists in the Zombie Uprising mini-game in the crib. Why not find a way to use that to have zombies
replace the pedestrians of Stillwater?

To my shock, I learned a few days ago (as many SR2 fans had) that the next batch of DLC will be available
NEXT WEEK!. I'm pretty pumped for this, as I'm now going through the game for the 4th time, this time using my
favorite saved character to do co-op on Xbox Live with a friend. SO glad to be back online.

If any of the D'Toiders are living the life in Stillwater still, I'd like to hear about it.

With money coming in once again, I can look forward to the purchasing of 2 games I was worried I'd be
missing out on this summer: Batman Arkham Asylum and Prototype. Both are looking absolutely phenomenal,
and I expect them to give my Saint's Row 2 disc a much needed vacation.

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