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All right this is betterness. I can give some thought to this. Well im married , i currently own a 360, wii, ps2 and a DS. I had every nintendo system and sega but was forced to sell them for stuff, you know like food.

Im heavy first person shooter (great sniper, and awesome assault guy if your recruiting for a team) on pc i like to get my rts on, i liked WoW but i need my own pc for that. I like some rpgs but not all.

I live in Austin Tx and yes i root for the Cowboys.

I listen to alterative musice such as, slipknot, system of a down, toadies, deftones, mudvayne, tool, nin. I also like my local music so you bitches look up Ok City Ok and Kissinger.

I snack on burgers, mostly i fucking love sonic! On a pizza ill take extra cheese mushrooms and bell peppers

Im fave color is red w/ black. My GT is Darkanubis87 if your up for a COD 4-5 match.

My myspace is myspace.com/teh_anubis

er my fave game is anything metroid (except MP:echos fuck that shit)


thats all for now ill insert some nice pics and what not when i get a chance
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Ok so i don't know if this is every where but i thought i'd post before it was too late. Target has a game or two on sale, one of which being Fallout 3. I got it new for like 20 bucks cheaper and like 17 bucks cheaper had i gotten it used. So yeah hit up your local target (tarjay) for some good buys, i mean target is like a college party, stick around long enough and your bound to go home with something. (apologies to the ladies)

So for the first time i played Chrono Trigger, well Chrono Trigger DS. And i noticed something, after listening to RFGO go on about its awesome characters and story i noticed that i pretty much blow threw that story in pretty much ever rpg i play. I never played an rpg until last year when i played my wife's copy of FFX. And i learned two things, im a loot whore and i love to level grind. But every time a text box comes up, im just tapping away at A or B or whatever buttons gets them to go away quicker. And then i get lost and be like im fighting for who and what? I feel like im doing it wrong, kinda like getting an awesome gift and ignoring it to marvel at the wrapping paper. i don't think it matters because i progress through any "big boss" or dungeon thanks to all the level grinding and expensive equipment. Maybe i'm just impatient whatever. im still having fun and that's what's important.