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Darkanubis87's blog

11:31 AM on 01.03.2009

If you live in Austin TX...

Ok so i don't know if this is every where but i thought i'd post before it was too late. Target has a game or two on sale, one of which being Fallout 3. I got it new for like 20 bucks cheaper and like 17 bucks cheaper had i gotten it used. So yeah hit up your local target (tarjay) for some good buys, i mean target is like a college party, stick around long enough and your bound to go home with something. (apologies to the ladies)   read

6:07 PM on 12.30.2008

RPG: Rapidly Progressing Gamer?

So for the first time i played Chrono Trigger, well Chrono Trigger DS. And i noticed something, after listening to RFGO go on about its awesome characters and story i noticed that i pretty much blow threw that story in pretty much ever rpg i play. I never played an rpg until last year when i played my wife's copy of FFX. And i learned two things, im a loot whore and i love to level grind. But every time a text box comes up, im just tapping away at A or B or whatever buttons gets them to go away quicker. And then i get lost and be like im fighting for who and what? I feel like im doing it wrong, kinda like getting an awesome gift and ignoring it to marvel at the wrapping paper. i don't think it matters because i progress through any "big boss" or dungeon thanks to all the level grinding and expensive equipment. Maybe i'm just impatient whatever. im still having fun and that's what's important.   read

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