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So I've been gaming since I can remember. My parents got me and my sister a Sega Genesis and I was playing it all the time. Fast forward a bit and my dad gets the new Playstation 2 and my love for gaming and Final Fantasy is born.
I first started playing RPG's on the playstation 2 and I still love them.
Then fast forward another few years and I get the Xbox 360. My love for first person shooters is born. I started playing Call of Duty 2 and that was my new go to game.
Ever since then I've been deep into the hole of gaming for a while. I recently had to climb out of that hole because now I'm a poor college student with a very tight budget and a tighter schedule. I don't have enough time for gaming anymore, but when I do I game hard and as long as possible.
My favorite games as of now are:

Final Fantasy X
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 & 2
Resident Evil series
Team Fortress 2
Red Dead Redemption
Grand Theft Auto IV

12:33 PM on 08.17.2012

So...Hi! Haven't used this thing since like, last year and I would like to change that :D
Summer vacation is ending for me in just two short weeks and this summer I picked up a hobby! Recording walkthroughs/random gameplay vids of me being horrible at Blacklight: Retribution/random vids of the sims 3 that no one probably wants to watch.

Either way.
They are there.


Soooo check out my channel? And leave me some tips on how to be a better 'LPer'

*Hyper writing is hyper*

DarkLaiX Plays Games!

Yes...YES YES YES Square Enix you are doing something right in my eyes. I am now prepared to shell out money for the Playstation Vita and or PS3. I'm suuuuuuper duper happy folks, like you have no idea.

Now, what sounds like good news to me sounds like death knocking on someones door to another. I've seen so many tweets going angrily insane for the fact of this remake. Why? Because they feel that remakes are taking away from the point of games and their view as art over product...or something like that.

You guys like how I'm trying to sound all professional and what not? I do..kind of, haha.

So many people, including myself, I won't lie, are super upset that this FF remake isn't for VII-IX. I'd looooove to see a VII remake, for real, but with the amount of side stories and games VII has, I highly doubt they will remake that one in the foreseeable future. I could be wrong, but for some reason I don't feel like it will be a go. I mean a couple of years ago they came out with Crises Core. Does that sound like they'll be remaking FFVII?

Then we get into the argument of treating the game more like a product than a work of art.

If they remade VII they would have to start completely from scratch, it's just not a very good investment considering the other projects they must be working on that requires their attention..maybe...unless they sit around all day then who fucking knows.

Either way, very very expensive.

Now they could remake this game banking on the fact the TOOOOONS of people will pick this up...at full price...just as it comes out.(Take notes Quantic Dream CEO or should I say Mr. Guy who complains about used games costing him money...that's a mouthful...let's go with Mr. Whiny Little Bitch!) I'm a poor college student and I WOULD BUY A PS3 JUST TO HAVE THE REMAKE...well I'm buying one either way for the FFX remake, but still!

Everyone would make money off of this, but still just to make it would be suuuuuper expensive.

Now if they did remake this, would you want voice actors? Super awesome graphics?

Where would they even start if they remade this game?

Why did they choose FFX?

I feel they chose X because it was kind of the beginning of their franchise. I mean that in the sense that FFX was the first to have voice acting, the first to be on the PS2. It was introduced to a lot of people and that's how a lot of people found their love for the series like myself. It was one of the popular ones besides VII and VIII, plus the graphics are bit easier to make into HD...at least that's what I think. I don't know how this whole revamping stuff works.

I'm super excited...

I've been talking about rebuying FFX because my disc is just messed up, but now this remake is happening it's not so strange that I'm looking for a ten year old game that pretty much no one is selling anymore.


I can't stop saying it...

I'm so weird...

This post is over...

Until next time!

The hardest I've ever had to work in a game was in Final Fantasy X and their cloister of trials in each temple. They started off easy, but once you get to Bevelle prepare to throw your controller at the tv and full on rage quit.
I've raged quit the Bevelle cloister of trials many times. It took me about a month to actually find motivation and try and figure out.
When it came to Final Fantasy X I didn't want to cheat, like look up a walkthrough on gamefaqs.com. I've done it on side quests I will admit, but the actual game I tried my best to stay away.
In the Bevelle trial you're on this type of platform and it's constantly moving and you need to press the direction buttons to decide where you need to go. To actually figure out where the spheres go was a trip. Every time I fired up the game I felt like I got a little bit closer to actually completing the damn thing. In reality, I wasn't. I was going in a complete digital circle.
Now let me tell you something.
In all, it took me about 3 years to actually beat FFX. Why? Because like good parents, they restricted my gaming time to an hour or two when I did play and I've almost always forgot to save. Yeah, such a good gamer I am, right?
Aaanyway, I went as far as to get a notepad and right down everything I did just to figure out where I needed to go and what to do. I wish I still had that on me, but I'm not home right now and I'm being bored in a dorm and slowly starving because the lack of shuttles on a count of this rain I'm getting. Short story: I wish I could show you guys my notepad.
Eventually with my little notes and process of elimination, I BEAT THE DAMN TRIAL! As soon as I was able to save I shut the game off and took a nap.
Oh did I mention I spent an entire Saturday with that notepad and taking notes? Yeah, either I'm completely stupid and couldn't figure it out or I was smart with the notepad...I feel it's mostly the stupid part...maybe.