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4:08 PM on 02.04.2009

Sometimes I hate videogame industry out of USA (and why my fingers are so funny)

First of all: I hope this get frontpage, and if not, I will kick my own ass. I know I can't but there is nothing to stop me doing so.

You might not know about videogames out of United States. Plain simple, is like a hot dog with the same sausage of the sandwitch you bought yesterday. Too lame to understand? Don't worry, I will dumb it down a bit: the videogames industry knows that you, foreign indian sudaca with a nokia brick on your hand, exist, but they consider it too economically risky to take their shoes and come. 100% of the - original - games here are directly imported one or other way, at least the ones you don't download, for everyone's sake. At least you don't have to wait months to play that hyped game you heard about on the Internerd, so this thing is progressing someway. But we're far from improving several key points here.

I "manage" a videogames blog called - I won't spam you this time, see after da' break - and I can't cost even a single game every month, and if i could, i will work just for review it the weekend non-stop, and god... I tend to sleep like all of you when your eyes get dizzy and eat food to be healthy, study and work to keep living.

Now, SPAM Time folks! It's called Niubie - don't f*ck with the name, i made it and i'm proud of it - and it has a long-made-to-tiny history. First was something called "BotonTurbo" years ago, and I managed to post almost 1.400 more or less entries with fresh news every day for almost 21 months, so it makes 2 post a day, but even you know that sometimes the Internet's hamsters that power the network die from exhaustion and the ISP must replace them with new alive ones. That's huge considering that i have a life and I study things (Graphic Design). I made some sacrifices in the way, like dump the main class exam in favor to make a review of Assassin's Creed asap, mean, I reproved trying to handle both things. Skiping some classes to live blogging E3 from live Stream in front of my computer, etc. These things worked, and the comments worth it for my mind sake and the visits. A year has passed since we had more resources, and that was the time to change the name to "Niubie" and being part of Betazeta's Network, giving me the opportunity for keep writing without any worries like these and about my partners writing interesting things when they supposed to do.

Nothing wrong in this side of the river, the problem was the other side. To make a review of a new game, and try to keep it before of any other big spanish sites - VidaExtra, Meristation, etc - o make it in time just to avoid a troller postin "OLD NEWS ARE GREAT" better forget it. You should live in Mexico or Spain, there is nothing in this country called Chile to do. Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft use "external PR's" or publicity agencies to announce and invite press to play their new games, and that's it. EA, Capcom, Activision, they don't exist here at least without any thirty parties forwarding emails. And when they do, our mexican buddies posted the first impressions already. And this its very problematic, because I can't get a day without dream about a PR saying "Don't invite this people, they already posted this crap. Put these folks instead, we can get more coverage".

Want to play StarCraft II Beta and make an interesting article? Want to attend to a Natal Preview? FIFA WorldCup 2010? Start living in USA, Mexico or Spain, Latinamerica is just a videogame desert with some exceptions, like ACE Team with Zeno Clash for example. I'm not considering Brazil because they talk Portuguese and i can't understand nothing more than words like "Ronaldo" and "Mais grande do mundo", so I don't know what's happening there.

One day in Betazeta's Office I thought this: "What difference I am making I in this site? Anything can be done by the others writers living in Mexico/Spain! Even our Chief Editor IS MEXICAN. Why bothering in something that can't be done where i live? Better leave this job, or copy-paste the Meristation articles but change some words so nobody notes it. And put in the title JOURNALISM, that will make even Jim Sterling happy. And put Trolololo in front page, that's will help me get a Pulitzer on my ass." But after that, i realized that it would be a shame for this industry to see me in my knees -- not this time, not after 2 years of playing fucking videogames over more than two decades.

Making original articles in some way are the solution: if you can't win by speed, or articles number by day, try with originality. In some way it worked, but the main topic its about videogames titles, and sometimes its lame to talk about one you haven't reviewed or played without citing Metacritic for reference. And when you do, the rest already know how good or bad is it. I know, originality in the content is a great site savior, but is just sad to know that here it will never get you invited to a big exclusive 'couse there is nothing to show here, so you rely in what the others saw in english sites and translated it.

And i don't intend to buy more games to review them. Your are nuts, crazy, loco, weon if your plan to do that thing here - it's a PRIORITY FAIL. While games in USA cost like USD$50, here we pay CLP$40.000 | USD$75 for the latest. And salaries aren't big to go and buy one if you intend to eat or transport to your job/university the same month. What's the average salary in US? What % is worth a game from what you earn in a month? Do you know what's the price for a PlayStation 3 Slim 120GB? CLP$270.000 | USD$517. I'm trying to blame that taxing f*ggots who like to charge 19%+ more for any crap that comes from outside. It would make sense if I could find a PS3 "Made in Chile" or something likely to support my country - so I won't have to import one - but I haven't seen more than PolyStations in the wild. Even the Mii 2 doesn't come out yet.

So, trying to get serious about videogames and the amazing that they are its instant FAIL, some sacrifices aren't worth it and people still intend to make their childs become lawyers, doctors, and anything that makes big money without doing too much, instead of a retarded human crap who play and/or make videogames and their only friends are in Facebook. I know, and we know, these last kind people are humans like everybody else, but with that kind of thoughts in my society, there is a tiny room for videogames to coexist, still.

Also, high prices aren't the only bad here. Poor and non-existent communication of publishers is one of the main problems, and without something interesting to talk about, people tend to look other sites from Internek. And this people won't make the first step buying more games so they get more cheaper or enlarge the industry here, specially to stop piracy; their job's bosses tend to be worried about make them workaholics than worrying about such things like have a life - luckily not my case. I can say that this thing is improving, but slowly, and I know it will be great after my death... someday.

If videogaming industry wants to get some revenue here, so they can habe money to eat and live inside a house with their family, start by making things interesting so people know that entertainment is not just only crap TV, boring soccer, pop-corn movies and reggaeton-music. You can also play games in your TV! AMAZING.

(Oh sh*t. I wrote all of this in my phone during my lunch time. Now i know why my fingers are so funny.)   read

5:08 PM on 12.06.2007

Pardon, Is this Dust or asdf?

Really? I mean it, seriously, is dust or not?

'couse i don't know thati is dust...   read

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