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All right this is betterness. I can give some thought to this. Well im married to a also gamer named Heather. Shes has a PS2 and we share the Ds, i have a Xbox. I had every nintendo system and sega but was forced to sell them for stuff, you know like food.[

Im heavy first person shooter (great sniper, and awesome assault guy if you recruiting for a team) on pc i like to get my rts on, i liked WoW but i need my own pc for that. I like some rpgs but not all.

I live in Austin Tx and yes i love the Cowboys (but not heath ledger)

I listen to alterative musice such as, slipknot, system of a down, toadies, deftones, mudvayne, tool, nin. I also like my local music so you bitches look up Ok City Ok and Kissinger.

I snack on burgers mostly i fucking love sonic! On a pizza ill take extra cheese mushrooms and bell peppers

Im fave color is red w/ black. My GT is DarkanubisPwnr if your up for a COD 3 match.

My myspace is myspace.com/teh_anubis

er my fave game is anything metroid (except MP:echos fuck that shit)

thats all for now ill insert some nice pics and what not when i get a chance
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I just got a new phone, which is great news for me anyway. But i have already succeeded in creating video game noises and music for the differenty phone tones. So far i have ninja gaiden lvl 1 music for my ringtone, the Legend of Zelda open a chest find item sound for a text message and the contra level advance piece of music for a voicemail. I am currently matching my various contacts to video game bosses, charaters, ect. To find a piece of sound for them in my phone. Is this too much? Also i need help, topic: video games subject:grenades or tank. Any suggestions would be welcome.
ps. i even got a chocobo warble for my wife's text msg sound.

I finally got a fucking 360! ='D yeah i know "a little late to the game" but whatever. just randomly my wife was like "lets go get you a 360" and i was like hell yes (shes awesome, i lerv her). So i go get one from best buy and yes totally got the warranty. And figured i might as well trade in my old console. So i head on over the my local gamestop with my console a wireless controller or two and two games, i end up with 80 bucks of store credit. Since my broke this makes me very happy, i figured i could do with 2 games and i could use the rest to grab aXBL gold membership. So i went with CoD 4 and orange box. and 3 months of xbl and i only payed 6 bucks. so i spent all weekend playing on it, its so great! but im all paranoid about it like i will stop after a while for fear of overheating it, i touch it every time i turn it off to determine how far i pushed it. Im excited cause i have yet even to delve into the XBLA portion, first game up for buy is Braid. Then G wars 2 and ikaruga. Awesome! let me know of any suggestions of must buys.

I had the tv going while practicing my programming and it had this mom (who happened to be hot) that attracted my attention. Apparently one of the concerns was that the children were not playing age appropriate games. So the super nanny encouraged the mom to take control of the situation. So the mom actually went and researched, all by her little lonesome, the ESRB. And the audience witness the parent teach the kids what they were and were not allowed to play and why. It is nice to know that some "properly trained" people realize that its not the world's job to keep "bad and violent" games out of the hands of kids who don't need to be playing it just yet. I love the british. Super Nanny Go!

7:46 PM on 07.21.2008

Well after playing the newest installment of Pokemon (diamond) i came to a certain conclusion, I miss Gary Oak. Well in the game he's Blue or Red or pretty much any like 7 letter name. I world normally put something in like, Bastard or Fuck Face. There was a reason for this, HE WAS AN ASSHOLE! Yeah he would sporadically show up with decently leveled Pokemon and try and kick your ass. Now I've notice the "rivals" slowly get more pansy. But now they aren't rivals, they are partners. The new rival is all "i hope we can make a difference" or "Let' see if I'm raising my Pokemon right", "hey i was up catching morning Pokemon, saw the sunrise, and cried" i remember walking out of one of the color themed cities (spoilers!!) and being stopped by Gary and he was something like "Hey dick face, my Pokemon are better and yours suck ass" or "your dumb as shit, I'm gonna get to the Pokemon league first!" and if you beat him he would say "shove it! I'm gonna get better and win" not "wow your great! i hope we can battle again soon, would you like a crumpet?" There was more motivation for some one who was always challenged by a consistent douche bag. Now its just as annoying as trying to sharpen a Rose Art pencil. R.I.P Gary Oak.............douche bag.

I decided i might as well get started on my learning c++. So i got a 25% of borders coupon and went to borders last night and bought a book. And it turns out that its a little easier than i thought. Iíve been planning my stuff in my head on how my game (s) is gonna look and what algorithism or equations my need to come up with to govern the rules of my game. Well the book starts out pretty much telling me. "hey those numbers and stuff you were already thinking of, yeah you got it pretty much right, but here is how to translate it int c++ language" So yeah im off to a pretty good start with this. YAY!

Well i have decided to that since it seems that i canít find any games to play anymore worth playing. That i would actually develop my own! Thats right im gonna be cranking out awesome games soon. Im working on getting a computer for all the software and i have to learn c++, so it will all be from scratch,but i should be able to figure it our. Im working on my first game already, im at the character design stage, right now im working on code named "female Tony Bennette", there is also "Britt Daniel", "Simone Peg", and "lunch box". So i will be learning also the "math" the every keeps throwing at me. So wish me luck =)