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Dark Mark avatar 9:32 AM on 02.05.2009  (server time)
MegaTen games rule my thoughts...

It all started when I read a review in my hometown's free weekly sometime in late 2007. There was a review of the curiously titled "Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3." Even though the review was written for a general audience, it went into great detail about the nuances in the storyline when it came to the high school social sim aspects. It also devoted a paragraph on the fact that the personae were summoned by shooting yourself in the head with a gun-shaped evoker.

It sounded so Japanese-y. It captured my interest, and I bought the game despite my hesitance in playing 50+ RPGs with turn-based battle systems. Somehow over the first few slow hours of exposition, I became hopelessly enthralled. That must be the reason why so many of us can plunk down dozens upon dozens of hours of repetitive gaming with SMT titles.

I know this is a big FAIL on my part, but I never finished P3. I took it upon myself to finish it over the holidays since I bought P4 and wanted to start a new 100+ adventure.

Well, I'm still working on it. I THINK I'm close to the end. All the cues for the "final battle approaching" are there.

I now split split my time between playing P3, reading about Shin Megami Tensei, starting Digital Devil Saga, and daydreaming about getting home after work and playing some more.

I think it may be affecting me a little too much.

After playing a little too much Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga last night, I've been looking at the World in a different way.

Like at the Supermarket this morning when I went to get some breakfast. That cutie in the checkout aisle threw me a bashful smile as I approached with my quesito. What was behind that smile? Professional courtesy, friendliness, or an indication of an interest in romantic hi jinks?

I smiled back at her, froze her with a bufu spell (which turns out was her weakness), and devoured her on my next turn. Maximum XP points!

I also absorbed her ability to locate UPC symbols on merchandise packaging in less than .5 seconds.

I can tell I'll be devouring others throughout the weekend.

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