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9:15 AM on 11.08.2007

A review on C.O.D.4

Let's get one thing straight, I hate Call Of Duty, partly because I don't wish to belong to the group of gamers that are the ADD-filled-ridilan-popping-moth-foaming-retarded-children who start spazzing out if they don't kill something every 30 seconds, but mainly because of the series' everlasting repetitiveness. I played COD2, and while it was fun for about the first 30 seconds, I grew tired of killing Nazis and started wishing I had an M4, or a Tavor. That's why I turned to Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon. Both fun and all, but can get extremely boring in single player, fast. What about multiplayer? Well Rainbow Six has a great system, only the customization options are limited to gun with no scope and laser sight, or gun with scope. I've seen someone equip an M4 with both a flashlight and a laser sight. R6 is fun and all, but again, boring. Halo 3 came out, and while it was fun for the first twenty hours, I stopped caring once I got my achievement for becoming an officer. I had heard about COD4, but because I was so unimpressed with the other games, so I didn't bother reserving it. Well stupid me.


Yesterday my friend convinced me to get COD4, saying it was really fun. So, needing something to help lessen the wait-pain that is Mass Effect, I decided why the hell not. As luck would have it, there were 3 copies left. I came home to find my internet broken so I played single player for 4 hours. I was first introduced to the training course and immediately thought, "Oh no, not again." After that, I was thrown into the fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping, action-filled frag-fest that is COD4's single player. My first impression was that it was something out of a movie, or I was in the movie. It seemed to me like it was a cross between Black Hawk Down, Over-There, xXx, MI-5, and Bond. I actually like it, nay, love it. My favorite level by far is the ***SPOILERS*** AC-130 level. The game puts you in the seat of a fire control officer of an AC-130 Specter. IT WAS AMAZING!!!!111one!!!eleven So the Specter is becoming obsolete and is being replaced with the AC-130U, which is probably ten times better, but either way, there is something about raining explosive death down upon enemies with an airplane mounted howitzer that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And they made it as real as possible too. With infrared imaging and even the crew chatting like airmen do. This is not something I have seen often in gaming, and usually it sucks, but COD4 pulled it off perfectly. I still can't get over how cool that level is. What is new in this COD 4 though is the feature of penetration. No, no that kind of penetration you pervert, bullet penetration. It is [u]amazing![/u] This is probably the first game where you can actually kill someone through a wall. This adds a whole new level of win to the COD series. The other thing, is the addition of equipment. I don't remember exactly if this has been done before in COD(or maybe I'm thinking of BF2), but the equipment is really something. I really like the night vision+infrared laser sight. That is a great feature. Although I really wanted to take my silencer on and off like in R6, I was distracted by the claymores.

OK so now that I have established I like COD4, now for the bad news. The COD series has various imperfections I have noticed. One being every damn game feels the same. COD4 only has better weapons and prettier sights. Another being your allies are still stupid as fuck, less stupid, but still stupid enough. Enemies still have the "stand in one spot and shoot" mentality, and will keep going to the very same spot that their comrades have just recently died in. Every COD has some type door breaching mechanic frequented often, COD4 keeps this feature and it is still only done by NPCs. They could have spiced it up a little, and let the player do it, but no. Another frequent sighting is that your allies can use cover, not just crouch behind a pile of bricks, but press up against a wall and peek type cover. While you the player must settle for crouching. COD 4 does not change this. That was one of the things that needed to be changed. Also seen in every COD is the blood splatter effect that you see every-time you shoot an enemy. Basically, its a "cartoonish" splatter effect and doesn't really look all that real, or convincing. Sniping feels the same, gunplay feels the same, and objectives are the same, protect X for Y amount of time while shit happens. Even the way the story is told is the same: through the eyes of various soldiers who never speak a word, or show their face, yet they are given names and familiarity with other allies. Also, your allies still look like retarded monkeys trying to peel a banana when they reload. These are just my pet peeves, but I think the funness balances it all out.


There have been lots of innovations in multiplayer like Ace Combat 6. Lately the latest fad is ranking systems. Halo 3 has one and albeit it is a little retarded, it works. But you know what, COD4 has a new take on the ranking system. It actually gives you in game points for kills and streaks, which add up, in real time, to a total EXP bar at the bottom. And when it is filled up, you rank up! Halo 3's ranking system is now retarded. In Halo 3, none knows what denotes EXP, or points. The only thing that is known is you have to win constantly to get more points so you can rank up. While it is a good philosophy, I don't really like it. Yes, I said it. I don't like H3's ranking system. COD4's is how it should be. You rank up regardless of winning. As long as you can get some kills, you are on your way to the next rank. Thats how it should be. I only played a few online games last night when Commicast finally decided to give me internets, but I played enough to unlock new classes and the customization class. That is great. Giving your soldier attributes that actually help in the heat of battle is a great idea. Now snipers can choose if they want a steadier aim, or better penetration(not a penile reference). You can choose better health or longer sprint. I can only say that when I get back online, there will be some interesting combinations.

Final Thoughts

New features like penetration and equipment help to change things up a bit. Still feels like every other COD game though. I suppose thats not a bad thing. Wow, a COD game that doesn't suck as much as it's ancestors. Amazing. Definitely a buy. If you can find it.   read

1:26 PM on 11.01.2007

The science of MGS4

Since MGS4 isn't coming out until Q2 of 2008, I thinks it's okay to start speculation. I'll start. Remember the mystery of Raiden's white blood? Well, believe it or not this is becoming a reality. It's called "Oxycyte", and it's made up of things called perfluorocarbons(PFC), which carries up to 50 time more oxygen than blood. The PFCs don't carry clotting agents or other nutrients that red cells do, but they can get oxygen to places blood can't, like clogged arteries. It's probably not what Raiden has, but it can give insight as to what the future holds.

Also, a robotics company has made a prototype walking wheel chair. I'm super cereal. Now all we need to do is make it bigger and mount a giant gun on top.   read

10:34 AM on 10.29.2007

The Internet can really fuck people up, or, watch me procrastinate at work

So I got in to work this morning, barely ready to Monday. I pull up some sites that I watch when I get bored, and what do I find? This and this. I knew the internet could make people do crazy things but I never thought that Second Life could be the subject of so many law issues. To review, Second Life is a shitty virtual world that tries and fails at giving people a way to express themselves any way they want to. Furries can become furries, fat people can become thin, and pedos can rape children. But you have to have a cable modem or better. I don't know enough about internet law to comment on legal issues related to the internet, but I can say this: Who the hell cares? So someone stole your idea for your virtual secks toy for you virtual self to use in virtual world (populated by emos, goths, furries, fat people, pedos, and others with various types of social problems) is a cause for a lawsuit? All over some imaginary sex toy? That is not even tangible? I guess I see it the same way as WoW: Why pay for it when there are better things out there? And just so you know, I could never get into WoW. Or any other MMORPG. They just fail to hold my interest for some reason. Maybe I'm crazy, or maybe I just don't feel like key-framing anything today, either way, you just read through a big wall of text.   read

12:14 PM on 10.22.2007

Thoughts on Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation

I haven't seen anyone post about Ace Combat 6. So here it is. Yes, I picked up the game. With the flight stick. Anyone here a fan of the Ace Combat series? I wasn't until I played AC4, I remember beating the shit out of it, unlocking every plane, buying the super-plane, and playing with my brother. Alas the time of the split screen multiplayer mode is now gone, and the age of HD Online multiplayer is here. And it brought it's friend, 360Achievements, and the companion cube is here to, sitting quietly in the corner, wanting to be loved, but the 360Achivements won't have that, as it wants to be the only thing in my life. Shit, sorry, was I rambling?
Anyways, the Ace Combat series has been one of the most addicting, and certainly one of the most fun.


AC6 follows the story of two countries, Emmeria and Estovakia. One day, around the time children go on field trips and your best friend comes over to bang your wife while you are at work, Estovakia decides to invade Gracemaria, a city in Emmeria. I won't go into too much detail about the story but I will say this: It was very well done. Usually, in games that need to be translated, some things come out strangely, like dialog. Some of the dialog could have been changed but it still works. I especially like how the story follows several different characters at the same time and ties the all together in the end, something I have only seen done once. There are almost no flaws in the story, they even explain where, how, and what the phrase "Go dance with the angels" means, even if it is a little corny. The only problem I have is that the phrase has been used to the point of overkill, and is even used to tell an interrogator off. Although I don't know what it could mean as an insult. I'm on the fence with how they keep the player's character out of everything. In every game you play a very important role in the story, and go on to become a hero, yet nothing is known about the player's characters other than their call-sign and designation. Like Mobius one from AC4. In AC6 you are know as "Talisman", get paired up with "Shamrock" and become "Garuda Team". There also has been some type of story driven emphasis on your wing man. In Belkan War you are "Cipher", and your wingman is "Pixie", who goes on to betray you and becomes a huge pain in the ass when he acquires a plane with a fucking laser on it. You might recall AC5 where the player's character is actually seen. This is the only time the player's character is not a complete mystery yet a nationally know hero. In AC6, Shamrock is not only a great pilot who actually goes out of his way to help the player, but is also a whiny 44-year-old emo bitch(I really like Shamrock). Hope I didn't give too much away there.


Ace Combat 6 plays good, if you have a controller, and great if you have the stick. Like me. Which you don't. The sticks add a new level of fun, and game-play. The controllers are built to use the default layout, with all the buttons in the right places. The default control scheme sets the planes cannon to the A button. Therefore the stick's trigger is the A button. The controls feel natural, just like the real thing. Not only does it have a yoke, but it has a throttle too. The throttle is easy to use and fits the contour of my hand. Forward is faster and back is slower. There is a new feature too. It's called the High G Turn. Basically it allows your aircraft to turn on a dime. THe flight throttle comes in handy for this. To do the High G Turn you have to hold down the Left(brake) and Right(afterburner)Triggers. The throttle is in a sense, always pushing one or the other. Thats where the special button comes in to play. The button acts as the Left Bumper, and enables a High G Turn when ever pressed. This can come in handy in numerous situations. The throttle also has a specially built rocker button. Right is Yaw right, and left is yaw left. The bumpers do this on the controller. And it is in the perfect spot for easy access. I apologize in advance for my crappy pictures, my camera was running out of batteries and took them quickly.

The missions are now as fun as ever and allies actually do stuff. They do bombing runs and shoot down fighters. The allies on the ground, like tanks, help out and attack enemy ground forces too. The openness of the levels give the feeling like you could go on forever; flying from one end of the map to the other could take several minutes depending on the plane your flying.

OH! Almost forgot! There is a new part of game play regarding missions, basically, you have objectives to complete, and there is a quota, unlike other games though, this one requires X amount of objectives to be completed. Then the mission usually updates, and there is a final part to it. But basically, anywhere, anytime there can be a new updated objective, an ally calling for help, or a target that needs to be taken out. Also, it has 2 online co-op missions that can support up to 8 people. It's really fun doing an otherwise impossible objective with a friend to cover your back, I just they release more levels.

Final Thoughts

Over all, I was impressed with AC6, and became addicted to it as soon as I picked up my box. The replay-ability in this game will keep me busy for a while. At least until Mass Effect comes out. I give this game a 9.5 out of 10, 4 stars out of 5 and so on. Now if you'll excuse me, I just unlocked the OMG SPOILERS.

Ace Combat 6 is awesome. I played until my contacts dried up in my eyes, and I could see the HUD every time I closed my eyes. Get it.   read

2:14 PM on 10.20.2007

How many of you can find the correct RAM for Macs?

I can't. Here's the story: About a month ago, my friend and mentor(I'll call him H), H, came over to my house because he needed my help editing some footage. H used to have a PowerPC Quad Core G5, but he sold it, and now he can't finish several projects he has going. I have a PowerPC G5 Dual core 2.0GHz. A good, powerful machine, but I only have 1.5GB of RAM. So H came over to edit his stuff. It was filmed in HD 1080p(I think, could have been 720p) at 60fps. While my machine handled it well, it wasn't fast enough. So I decided to order some RAM. So I went to the MacMall online store and ordered 1GB. It came from a manufacturer called EDGE Tech. When it got here about two weeks ago, I tried installing it, only to find it didn't fit. The notch on the RAM didn't line up with the notch in the slot(see pics). So that week, I threw a fit and got them to eat the return fees. Then I found out I ordered RAM for a 1.8GB model. Tech Support said it should be compatible with mine, but it wasn't. So I ordered another 1.5GB directly from EDGE. It arrived today, and guess what? It didn't fit. I know for a fact I ordered it for a 2.0GHz model, and still it doesn't fit. WTF?!?! I could order it from Apple, but 1GB costs $300. And thats bullshit. I cant return it until the week, but until then, I don't suppose any one knows where to get RAM for Macs? Moral of the story is: Don't buy from EDGE.
And for some of you mac noobs, I've included a set of pictures showing how easy it is to access the RAM assembly.

Step 1: Pull latch out.

Step 2: Remove outer cover

Step 3: Remove plastic inset

Step 4: Remove fan column thing

Step 5: Access RAM assembly

Step 6: Find out RAM doesn't fit, fail at life

Step 7: Return RAM on Monday
Step 8: ???
Step 9: Profit!!!   read

2:06 PM on 10.20.2007

I ment to post this last week...

I'm late with this post I know, but....I know alot of people are excited about Okami for the Wii, but jesus, enough is enough.

6:34 PM on 10.16.2007

WTF is MapleStory and new Keyboard

I know many of you hate macs, but lets be honest, PC's with Windows(More like Winblows, amirite?), isn't much better. Anyways, I use Macs daily, and I've followed Apple's new product releases ever since they released the new Intel cores a few weeks after I bought my G5. I've heard about all the new things Apple released, the sucktacular AppleTV, the iPhone, but there is one invention I saw that caught my eye, and that was Apple's new keyboard.

I have dubbed the keyboard the "Midget Keyboard" in honor of that scene in MIB where Will Smith gets the Noisy Cricket. Because I feel like I can break it if I pound the keys too hard.
I don't have anything against the wafer-thin input device, in fact I kind of like it. However, I like to keep my room temp anywhere between 60 and 75 degrees. With the fan on. I remind you I live in Florida, and it is hotter than, well, anywhere that isn't Florida. Except for deserts, but they get cool nights. Florida is hot all the time. Even in the rain. Anyways, because the keyboard is mostly metal, and my room is constantly at a temperature that mos people find crazy, the metal parts get cold. While my fingertips are cold enough, it feels good on my face.

And on a side note, can someone explain what MapleStory is? I mean, snails? SNAILS? Not just any snails mind you, snails on moobs. [embed]49511:3453[/embed] Nobody wants to see that. Paedophiles maybe, but noone, not even the forces of anon want to see that shit. Aside from that, what possible connection could moob snails[embed]49511:3453[/embed] have with a 2D-sidescrololing-MMORPG? I mean, yeah, it's free and I love free, especially if it involves video games, but moob snails? Really? There has to be a better marketing gimmick than that.
And so I leave you, and in honor of the randomness that is the moob snail, I give you pictures of my dog, sleeping in my pants. And yes, that is a futon.

9:18 AM on 10.10.2007

—UPDATED—I just realized, more awesomness to come soon...

We have been granted a great number of releases in these past few months and it has been with a doubt incredibly awesome. This time of awesome and win is far from over though. The end of this month sees the release of Ace Combat 6 which is bound to be awesome considering they have flight sticks. I love the A-10. But wait! There's more! November sees the release of an ass load of games. Can't forget about interactive peeing, which is bound to give countless ours of comedic ass-kicking awesome. Also, COD4 which is perhaps the only COD game I have ever actually looked forward to. Also, Rock Band. Which is made of pure win. Also, PSTriple Price drop! But what comes after the awesome has died down? Simple, more awesome. 2008 will be host to more awesome, including, but not limited to, the end of humankind double agent hobos, an excuse to wave your Wii around, an awsome series that doesn't stop pwning, more merc action, Rambo with dinosaurs, the apocalypse Solid Snake, and more apocalypse but with an ass-load of more guns.(I hope I coded all that right...) The only question left to answer is, how will anyone have the time to play all of these? The answer and images coming later....

Sorry for the long absence, I was at work. Anyways, as stated in the comments, yes this year is a great year for gaming, and the best part, it that it's not over yet. There are a lot of good games coming out, and as king3vbo stated, money is tight for some. SO I decide to give a few tips on how to afford some of the games that are coming out.

[*]Get a job

If you don't have one already, get one. I would advise being at least 16. Otherwise your going to have a hard time finding an employer, but chances are mommy and daddy still pay for everything, and the holidays are just around the corner. A local super market is a good place to start, i.e., Publix, Winn-Dixxie. They are always looking for bag boys. If your in college, well, what's more important? An education(layme)? Or Video Games(win)? Besides, no-one likes school, and the truly educated never graduate. I know a kid who dropped out of high school to go play Halo professionally. Sure he went back and got a diploma, but not after getting ass-loads of cash. But chances are, you aren't MLG material. I'm not. So here are some alternatives:

[*]Offer to fix people's computers

If your a mega-ultra-super genius, charge $30 an hour.

[*]Provide a compelling argument to parents explaining why they should give you money

Make sure to use charts and graphs. People love charts. Make sure they are colorful too. Mention the dollar's unavoidable downfall, the economy is shit, and soon you probably won't be able to afford anything because costs are too high. Use big words, try to sound like an expert.

[*]Offer to do other people's homework

NOTE:This is only for the people who can handle it. Make sure to charge alot. Chances are there is some one with the cash to throw around who is also dumb enough to not be able to do math.

These are just some ideas, but if none of those work, here are some more alternatives:

[*]Self promote on a gigantic scale
[*]Pretend to know everything, use big words and confuse people. Remember to wear a suit.
[*]Start wesite/blog. Claim it is the best thing ever sincesliced bread.
[*]Get advertisers to sdvertise on your website. Get alot, charge by pixel.
[*]You've evolved into Cory Doctorow!...Duchebag.

[*]Whore yourself
[*]Sell drugs
[*]You could always pull of a heist....or at least try....

Ok so lets say you do get all these games, how will you have time to play them all? Well there is a simple answer. You could try to make a time machine that will freeze time and give you unlimited time to play as the world goes on around you. Thats probably not going to happen so you could figure out the mysteries of the universe. Think about it, if you knew how it all worked, you could bend it to your will. Although this would probably create a gigantic rip in the space-time continuum and end all existence as we know it. Then there would be no games to play, or people to play them. However, there is little chance that any of these could actually happen. If you don't feel like doing any of these or are unable to, you could always quit school.   read

9:51 AM on 10.06.2007

Halo movie is DEAD

So yeah, my first blog entry. Whoopdefriggin do. Now here is important stuff: The Halo Movie is DEAD. Like, really dead. Like No longer in movie limbo, but in the place wherever dead movies go. What happened? Fox and Universial can't get along and are fighting like two whiney school girls over some muscleheaded asshole. Damn I am pissed. I really had hopes that people whould see how H3 blew away Spiderman 3 in terms of profit and then be like "Lets do that." But no. This is what happens when you have lawyers and CEOs and a good idea. I've been really displeased with Fox lateley, but now I'm pissed.

Here is the relevent link because I can't figure out code for shit:

Link to Relevent Site

Now that I have calmed down a little, here is how Microsoft can fix it. Produce the movie themselves. God knows they have resources. All they have to do is bascially fund it. Jackson and Blomkamp should take care of the rest. Then, find a distributor and distribute world wide. However, knowing Microsoft, it probably won't happen, as Steve "Developers" Ballmer would rather jump around on stages and yell "DevelopersDevelopersDevelopers" while sweating up a strom before that would happen. Even if it did, Fox and Universial would have a shit fit, and probably try to obliterate it once they get wind of it. Moral of the story is–This is why we can have nice things, corperate empires.

Update once again: When I think back on what I've learned, the number one rule of filmmaking is NEVER invest your own money. Unless your name starts with George or Steven and ends with Lucas and/or Speilberg. So, I can't see Microsoft funding it, after all, this is the company that has Steve "Developers" Ballmer on their pay roll. No I will not let that go. Ever.   read

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