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DapperMouse avatar 12:15 PM on 10.24.2013  (server time)
What I Learned on my trip to San Andreas

In the few short weeks GTA Online has been live I've made decent progress. As of writing this I'm level 18 and have about $120,000 squirreled away. It doesn't sound like a lot but as far as I'm concerned this is a pretty impressive achievement. I've written before about how I generally detest multiplayer games but so far I'm really enjoying myself. Though, all of this hasn't come without some knowledge being imparted unto me. Here are some of the things I've learned.

You Can Make A Lot of Money Off of Bounties (But Be Careful)
Most of the cash I've made has come from selling high-end SUVs and collecting Bounties. I don't have any particular quarrel with the people I'm tracking down. I've never taken out a bounty myself and often I give my target a portion of the cash for providing me with an entertaining stand-off. Its not all fun and games though. A life spent mimicking Dog the Bounty Hunter can be quite costly. You need to keep stocked up on Body Armor, ammo, and decent gun mods. Decking out your car with additional armor and engine boosts really couldn't hurt. Plus, you've got to take medical bills into account.

You're also going to be getting shot at a lot. Most of the people with bounties on their heads are active trolls who have decked out their guns and ammo just as much as you have. If you take a quick peek and realize they are a much higher level than you, DO NOT PURSUE THE BOUNTY. You're probably going to get blown away by someone with much better toys than you. Even then, claiming a bounty is likely to piss the player off. Percentage of the profit or not they're likely to come after you for awhile, or maybe even mark you. If played safely you can make a couple thousand easily. If it goes badly, you're going to be out of a lot of cash. Personally, I wouldn't pursue a bounty that isn't worth at least $3,000.

A Lot of People Are Dicks

Online is absolutely full of them. Just huge erect dicks driving high-speed in sports cars or Army helicopters. These players want nothing more but to fuck your shit up. To them the game is all about trolling you right out of your hard earned cash an supplies. The best, and by best I mean most infuriating, tactic that I've seen so far are trolls who put sticky bombs outside of the Ammu-Nation stores. They know fine and well that you probably don't have any cash to steal but they do know you've probably just dropped a good deal of money on Body Armor and they can immediately take it away from you, plus medical expenses, with the push of a button. The first time it happened to me I laughed so hard I cried. Then continued crying with I shot the bastard in the face a couple of twenty times.

Fortunately most trolls aren't the brightest players. Sure, there are some that take it to a level of such brilliance that I can't even be mad when they get me but for the most part its all about cheap thrill. They have a tendency to broadcast their attacks in the open so you can generally see it coming and take some care not to get taken down. Unfortunately...

You Just Can't Trust Anyone

I mean no one. Trust absolutely no one. Everyone is out to kill you all the time maybe. If you see that white blip getting closer get the hell out of the way. I mean, I've just complained about the trolls but I've done it myself. You're running down the street minding your own business when a low level character comes running out of a store with their brand new heist money. Its just too tempting not to shoot them and take it for yourself. I'm guilty of it. We're playing a crime simulator for God's sake and I'm more of an anti-hero anyway. Just don't abuse the system I guess. But really though...

Everyone is Starting to Learn to Work Together

There are jerks online and there always will be but for the most part players are beginning to team up. There's only so far ahead you can get backstabbing and messing around with other players and teaming up offers far more cash and rewards. Lately I've taken to hanging around Los Santos Customs, a spot notorious for trolls robbing unarmed characters, and taking out any players who mess with the innocents like some sort of hood rat Batman. Of course, the recently saved players don't always understand and I get shot up by panicked runners quite often, but you've got to take baby steps to make a city better. 

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to head back online and see if I can finally break into the military base. If not, I might beat up some civilians and hand out cash to low level characters for no reason. Or just shoot them, who knows.

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