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DapperMouse avatar 2:23 PM on 08.24.2013  (server time)
Gaming with DapperMouse

As a general rule I prefer to game alone. Not just alone but in silence, in a darkened room, with incense burning. 

"Woah." You might say.  "What sort of hippie-dippie New Age Pagan bullshit are you into DapperMouse?" Well friends the truth is far worse. You see, I'm not particularly meditative or even all that spiritual. I just don't play well with others. As for the incense? Well, honestly, I'm just weird.

My favorite games haven't really changed for the last fifteen years. I still find myself instinctively drawn more towards my SNES and N64 than any of the Battle Call of Honor: Future Zombie Ops that come out three or four times a year. Though, if a game is good, I'll play the shit out of it.  My most recent obsessions have been Bioshock: Infinite and the Mass Effect games. Yes, even the third one, disappointing as it may have been. Flashy graphics and amazing effects can't hold my attention like good old fashioned story-telling or replayability. I can't tell you how many times I've had a speed-run through Super Mario World, and frankly, I'm down to do it again very, very soon. Truth be told though, the only games that I just can't get behind are the ones that put an intense focus on multiplayer.

Its nothing personal. Trust me, its not you, its me.  You see, I'm not very good at what one may call, vocally expressing myself. I write, that's true, but when writing I can take the time to perfectly craft what I'm intending to say not just rely on whatever gibberish manages to fall out of my mouth at any given time. I can't communicate with other people for any amount of time before I just start word vomiting, which makes me panic, which of course only makes the word vomit worsen. My spirit animal is a Hobbit, but not just any Hobbit, I'm that creepy faced Samwise Gamgee from Ralph Bakshi's Lord of the Rings. He has a noble heart but spends most of the movie stammering and desperately trying to convince everyone around him he's worthwhile.

"No guys really. I can hold my own against Saurons. Just give me a sword."

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