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Dapper Blanka avatar 7:01 AM on 06.18.2013  (server time)
A New Challenger Approaches: Who I Want To See In Super Smash Bros.

Mega Man is in Smash Bros!!!!!! While it's no new Mega Man game, this was one of my favorite announcements of E3. I've wanted Mega Man in Smash Bros. since the original, so seeing him at E3 tossing metal blades at link really put me in a great mood. And he looks so friggin adorable! Then of course there is the Villager and the Wii Fit trainer, two additions I think are great (yes, including the Wii Fit trainer, she rules.) All these new characters got me thinking of other possible fighters to enter the fray. These are a few of  the fighters I thought would be most plausible to be added to Super Smash Bros. 

King K. Rool

This one seems pretty obvious to me. DK has been in there since the beggining, then by adding Diddy in Brawl I feel like its natural to pit them against their nemesis. I don't really now how he would play. I guess he could use some of his props from the various games he has been in, like the blunderbuss or something.


Golden Sun is amazing. Isaac is another character I feel is a natural fit for Smash Bros. We would have a collection of sword-based techniques as well as his psynergy. His final smash would be summoning Judgement, the strongest venus summon in the original Golden Sun. He's already proven his worth as an assist trophy, so I say make him playable.

Little Mac

Another assist trophy that needs to be playable, as well as a character I've always wanted in the game, Little Mac is probably the one I feel most deserves to be in the game. Punch Out on the Wii was absolutely phenomenal, and reintroduced Mac to people that may have forgotten or never heard of him in the first place. And really, what makes more sense than a boxer in a fighting game? His final smash would be a mighty, face breaking uppercut.

Cecil Harvey

Now I know this one is a bit of a stretch, but if there was to ever be a Final Fantasy character in Smash Bros. it would be Cecil. While I think Final Fantasy 6 is the better game, Final Fantasy 4 came first, and I've given a lot more thought to how Cecil would work than Terra. Cecil's main tactic would be know when to switch between dark knight and paladin form, similar to zelda and sheik. While in dark knight form, he would be a heavy hitter, but his powerful attacks would be at the expense of his life, causing his damage percent to increase every attack. While in paladin form he would be more defensive and his attacks would deal much less damage. I'm not really sure what his final smash would be, but it would play on his light and dark duality.

Mach Rider

Here is a guy that a lot of people may not know. He is basically Nintendo's Mad Max. As a post-apocalyptic biker, he would be a bit of a change from the other more colorful characters, but if they don't bring back Snake, I could see him being a worthy replacement. He would have a wide arrange of explosives and guns that would compliment his heavy hitting, bar fight brawler style of punching the crap out of people. His final smash would of course involve his motor cycle in some way.


Chrom is basically guaranteed, and he will more likely than not replace Ike. Hopefully he will be more balanced than Ike was. 


Seeing as Namco is helping develop the game I would be more than a little surprised if Pac-Man doesn't make it. While I know it's been said they don't want a lot of third party characters, Pac-Man seems like a natural fit for Smash Bros. and Mario and Pac-Man have already gone head to head in the Mario Kart arcade game. Having beat the ever loving crap out of each other seems like the most natural next step. Given the amount of games Pac-Man has been in, the possibilities for his attacks are limitless, but we all know what his final smash would be: he swallows a power pellet and everyone turns into a blue ghost. 

So those are just a few of the characters I would like to see in the upcoming smash bros game. Let me know what you guys think as well as who you think should be added to the roster.

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