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Dapper Blanka's blog

7:01 AM on 06.18.2013

A New Challenger Approaches: Who I Want To See In Super Smash Bros.

Mega Man is in Smash Bros!!!!!! While it's no new Mega Man game, this was one of my favorite announcements of E3. I've wanted Mega Man in Smash Bros. since the original, so seeing him at E3 tossing metal blades at link really...   read

6:06 PM on 11.24.2012

How Capcom single handedly ruined any illusion that my childhood didn't suck

I once loved Capcom. There was a time I would buy any game they put out, even if it was a piece of shit wrapped in tin foil. I would buy it regardless of what it was, as long as Capcom was on the label, I would have it as soo...   read

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