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Dao2-SKP avatar 11:49 PM on 11.12.2012  (server time)
The Max Scoville Mountain Dew Challenge and Nitronic Rush/Distance!! + Contest!

Hello everyone!

I'm sorry if you actually read my last blog (all 15 of you) and especially sorry for the 3 people that commented, but this is not the contest that I promised. It's still coming, about a month or so away so have no fear, this is just a bonus contest, or something.

So after watching the video in this blog Mr Gobbldigook's blog I was interested in the Max Scovillle challenge so I googled it and I decided, for my sins of being lazy bastard about making a blog about Nitronic Rush and the Distance kickstarter I would do this. So video below! Watch to the end for the contest and some footage of Nitronic Rush!!

So before the video, let's talk about Distance and Nitronic Rush briefly. Nitronic Rush was a free arcade racing game published by Team Nitronic a year ago (happy bday!!). You can get the game here: Nitronic Rush. I highly recommend it, it is not only free but awesome and I like it better than most games that cost actual money :|

Now that the students of digipen who created that have graduated a few of them want to make a spiritual sequel called Distance, and it looks AMAZING. Please look it up and if you can put up some money at the Kickstarter page here!: Distance Kickstarter.

So here it goes, the video:

Rules of the contest: Watch the video to get the basic jist and the prize.

This contest is open to any dtoid member HOWEVER if you pledge (or have pledged already) to the Distance kickstarter you get automatic winning priority (amount above $15 doesn't matter, unless it's like $1000 :P).

If you have done this you must pm me your user on kickstarter (and PM me on kickstarter to know it's you).

If only a single person backs distance and wants to enter the contest then they automatically win. If 3 people back it and enter the contest I will randomly draw out of the three. If no one backs it, you should be ASHAMED of yourselves but then I will randomly draw someone and they get it.

If you want to enter, just put a comment below saying that you are entering. If you backed follow that up with a PM to me with your kickstarter name.

I will only ship to US, sorry international folks :(

Good luck and please back distance!!!!

edit: Apologies for the self-fap. I just noticed that and it did it on my last blog too. I swear I'm not hitting the fap button not sure why that is happening :| Must be doing something wrong....

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