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Silver-Blood Expeditions Markarth Trek

Markarth City

Adventures to Markarth Beautiful landscapes, amazing geography and rich historical past

Also, the city of Markarth is the most important tourist destination in The Reach and one of the most famous in Skyrim. Markarth was the capital of the one of the greatest First Era empires: the Dwemer
It`s Dwemer name was Nchuand-Zel.
Dwemer is a colonial city with a racial adversity, splendid temples and smallish houses built on finely carved rock foundations. Dwemer also houses one of the most notable prisons in this part of the continent, the Cidhna Mine.

Beautiful landscapes, amazing geography and rich historical past, makes Markarth a City that every traveler yearns to visit.
ATM tours.

The snow peaks of the Reach, with 6,372 meters of height is considered a sacred mountain since Dwemer times. The paths surrounding it are of Dwemer manufacturing, and form part of its marvelous view, allowing as well observing its impressive snow peaks and glaciers. The trek starts at a the entrance to the city, and as long as we ascend we will see the snow peaks showing up along the valley. The trek ends across the mountains at a freezing valley of the Karth River, so you can get an idea of how isolated Markarth is.

ITINERARY Markarth Trek

Early in the morning we pick you up from your room and transfer you in a carriage to Markarth passing picturesque and traditional towns like Dragon Bridge and Carthwasten, as well highlands plateaus and landscapes with great views of snowcapped mountains that belong to the cordillera The Reach. The carriage tip will last 8.00 hours and then the hike is for 16 hours.

Early in the morning you leave Markarth and keep going up the beautiful valley walking just below the majestic snowcapped Drugdach Mountains (6271 masl) after 1:1/2 hours the trek becomes steep zigzagging for a while after that we will arrive at a pass, 4600 masl from where you will be rewarded with superb views . The trail descends through an old moraine passing frozen pastures. This campsite is subject to change according to the guide's criteria and the evolution of the group.

Wake up with frigid mountain scenery and a luke-warm tea. Continue to the north down to the frozen forst through different ecosystems watching birdlife like cliff racers, cliff racers, cliffracers, and more motherfucking cliffracers, It will be a long descending day towards the cloud forest where the Forsworn live taking advantages of nature, also you will pass great waterfalls. At the end of the day we will see frozen fields. The hike will last approximately 9 hours.

Back at Markarth you will get a grand tour of the city, including Cidhna Mine as well as a brief glimpse of the Understone Keep entrance as we pass by. Cidhna Mine is a rich silver mine and prison camp owned by the Silver-Blood family and is considered the most secure prison of Skyrim. Now you've had the full tour of Markarth and it's surroundings! You've seen how far away it is from any other form of civilization and how difficult getting in and out is!

On our last day together we wake up very early to begin your orientation at the mine. We enjoy the magic view over the entire mine where we can observe the workers, about 6:30 am. We will have a guided tour during 2 hours, showing you how to you the entire mine. For example how to use your new tools and the richest silver veins. About 2:30 pm, we have some meals and then we leave your to your new life of toil and hardship! We won't see you again until your dead and we process your body for organs and bone meal to sell to potion shops the world over!
"Have a nice trip, it'll be your last!"

*We guarantee our website is virus fee as we want your money and infecting your computer will impede the process of acquiring it.
*No price information as we steal all your money anyway once you input your credit card information.

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