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Wow been a while since my last blog :o

I read daily though ;p more than once daily. But I still missed the memo about the 10 things thing :| But I guess where just writing 10 things that people don't know about you? Hmm 10 things is gonna be hard ;p

1 - Alright number 1, ummmm let's see ;p I'm Iranian, that doesn't mean I'm arab -_-

2 - I live in maryland, in a city that has absolutely no gaming stores outside of gamestop :( The last retro gaming goodness store around he closed up and the one 30 minutes away is terrible.

3 - Shit I alreay ran outa stuff :| Ok I go to montgomery college! shout out anyone else who goes there!

4 - Despite taking (and passing) comptia and ccna certifications and having built numerous rigs for friends my computer was bought prebuilt :| from velocity micro (which isn't that bad i guess), still its akward and embarrassing ;p

5 - I didn't know videogames existed until I was like 10, and my first system was an n64 that me and my brother saved up for, my parents hate videogaming and until around the 8th grade we couldn't play videogames at all during the school year :| Only breaks and on my birthday, other then that my dad took it to his office and locked it up, the bastage ;p

6 - I have a website about how cake is evil and wants to destroy mankind and how cookies are the goodness sent by the emporer to save us all ( i know i spell emporer wrong ;p and i spell fuckign fuckign on purpose ;p) It's old and I haven't updated it in years though :o

thats a skittle btw

no disrespect meant to gay people :| u no how the internet throws around those words ;p

7 - I love warhammer 40k, don't like playing the game (though I can see how it's fun, just not for me ;p) but I used to collect/paint the figures (BA ftw ;p shits expensive though....) and I still read books and love the fluff. I have been enjoying the beta and it's awesome ;p just where the fuck are my meltaguns and lascannons :| Also the venerable dreadnaught sucks

8 - I want to get back to playing eve online, but the person I left my character with got it permabanned! Now I feel like an idiot ;p That was a dumbass idea... :(

9 - This is more of a buildup I guess, cause if you've ever read any of my past blogs (unlikely) you'd know I'm a pretty big gamer ;p I'd say I'm a hardcore gamer :| I play games for about 5 hours a day, own way to many systems to name (more then 10 different ones though) have a game collection of like 500 games that go from nes to ps3, and I love my pc gaming ;p

10 - Now... for the big shocker :o For all the big hardcore gamer that I am, I have yet to play Ocarina of Time. I like zelda, I like action adventure games (IT'S NOT AN RPG FFS), I have it :o, I just.. haven't played it yet :o A travesty I know :O

Well that's it! Thanks for reading!

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