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11:08 PM on 01.16.2013

So here are the results of the contest that I held on my last blog with terrible captured video proof that you are the real winners! I did not mention the secondary prizes as I didn't buy them specifically for the contest, it's just spare stuff that I have and I didn't want that mixed in incase it looked cheap :P They were planned from the beginning though so nobody is getting anything that wasn't already part of the prize pool (hidden or not).

For prize #1! A reproduction of Propeller Arena for the Dreamcast! The winner is Funktastic cause he was the only entry!

For prize #2! In an epic pick through a staggering number of entries (two) is Blasto! Congratulations you win a sealed copy of Valkyria Chronicles and my spare copy of Fragile for Wii in a replacement case.

For prize #3! Again a staggering two entries, but in that dead heat PhilKenSebben won a copy of Arc the Lad Collection with the hard cover manual (no omake box) and my spare Star Ocean: The Second Story for PS1 (replacement front insert).

For prize #4! Morty wins cause he's the only person who entered, $20 worth of games (your choice) from gog.com! Send me the list and I'll buy and gift it!

For prize #5! The SoA coin, again Funk was the only entry (and some really good answers to 2 of the questions) so he wins. Also getting Jet Grind Radio for DC and a custom decal/sticker thing of Jet Set Radio.

Congratulations Winners! PMs incoming so between this blog and the PMs you better reply :P Please PM me your US address (except for Morty, Morty PM me your email address used on gog and what you want to spend the $20 on). If for some reason the winners of 2 and 3 do not respond to me in a semi-timely matter the runners up get it. Also I'm super fucking lazy so I might take a little to ship it out, morty you'll get yours quickish :P

Shadowvii if you are reading this sorry but you did not respond to my response that you couldn't enter for both 3 and 4 since 4 was only for international and 3 was only for US residents so I had to disqualify you :*( Thanks for trying to enter though ><

=Ok maybe I lied, maybe it's not a mega contest. I just saw Dredd again and I want to put Mega in front of stuff :P I have no idea what a mega contest consists of but there's a few different prizes and they're pretty spiffy. Details at the bottom if you feel like skipping the pictures of my Room of Doom! Edit: CONTEST OVER, I'll select winners tonight probably ;p

So gaming setups... What happened to them? I haven't seen one in forever and there used to be a weekly setup posted on the front page from an archive of them that have been saved up? Shame as they were my favorite blogs to read here :/ Hopefully they'll make a comeback someday, but enough of being jaded so let's get at it!

*Note: I am a firm believer of being super lazy so I didn't really clean up so there's random shit all over. I'm not really sorry :P

Let's start off the the left corner. Starting off with a Wall Scroll from FLCL, Malcolm Reynolds Wanted print (signed by the Fillion!) and a replica Phurba Dagger.

Here's a closer look at the Wanted poster and Phurba dagger. I don't really normally care about getting my stuff signed but I LOVE Firefly. It is far and away my favorite TV show and getting crew signed stuff I am definitely for, it's one of 2 things I have signed by Nathan Fillion (Captain Malcolm Reynolds in Firefly). If you haven't seen Firefly you are missing out, I'm terrible at explaining stuff so I'm not going to try but just watch it, it's pro. Also as you can see the Phurba Dagger is missing a base currently, the guy who made em said he'll make one hopefully early next year so it doesn't have to sit on bubble wrap ;p (Phurba Dagger is from Uncharted 2 btw).

To the top right of that is a framed poster of a Veteran Ranger from Fallout New Vegas. Also more dreamcast shit (I love the dreamcast and there's tons of dreamcast stuff all over the room :P).

To the left of that is my Time Wing Schematics poster (from fangamer) sitting in a shadow box with the Play Arts Chrono Trigger figures sitting on top (Chrono Trigger is my second favorite RPG of all time!).

Sitting underneath that is the Brother's In Resin Death Dealer statue (obviously made of resin ;p) that I recently acquired from Darth Pain (from RPF). I'm not a huge Frazetta fan or anything but the Death Dealer looks awesome and this is my favorite statue of him that I've seen. It's painted by Saul Alvarez.

One of my issues is that I have 0 space left. I have a ton of stuff left in storage. Now you would think that this would be a good sign that I stop buying shit, but I keep doing it :P I have a lot of regular consoles but they aren't up on my shelves cause I have no room :P Some day I will but for now just some of the shinier stuff ^^.

On the top left we have an Alien Warrior statue from Sideshow. In the middle back is Hellboy's pistol the "Samaritan" from Hellboy: The Golden Army. Infront of that is the QMX Malcom Reynolds pistol. On the right side is Big Duo from the anime Big O. And to the right of the Big Duo is the Soul of Chogokin Big O. Note: I am looking for a Model 47A (By Badger of course), if you have one and are thinking of parting with it please contact me!!!

You may have noticed that there is something is infront of the Bigs, and that is a Makoto Rebirth hilt saber (light saber :P). I have 2 more sabers, both made by LDM (He's pro at sabers :P), they're currently wrapped up on that shelf since I don't have stands (since there's a massive lack of space) but here's a shot of the 3 together. They all have sounds and if you stick a blade in there and tighten up the retention screw it'll light up nice and bright. One is a completely original one called "Copper and Carbon" (because it's made out of copper and some carbon fiber), and the other is Kyle Katarn's saber.

Moving to the top right is my mostly Outlaw Star stuff (my favorite anime!). There's also a die-cast Arcadia (Harlock) from Aoshima, it lights up the bridge, back portion and engines. Also a custom caster replica with the 20 shells (4,9, and 13 are the gold ones). In the back behind that are some Outlaw Star cels I had framed up.

Here's some closer shots of the cels (they're a bit fuzzy, sorry).

So going back to the left side below the Big's are some spiffy consoles. In the back are some PS2s, a white one, a super red one, ocean blue (translucent), and my original launch regular black one. Infront of the white one is a crystal xbox, and to the right are 3rd party translucent shelled PS1 and Slim PS2.

To the right of that there's 12" Canti and infront the fine molds Porco Russo plane and Lupin the 3rd Cagliostro chase scene Lupin & Jigen. And to the right of that is the Ni No Kuni and Tales of Xilia PS3s.

Going to the bottom left is the start of my dreamcasts. I *love* the dreamcast, as many know a lot of innovation there and the best console evar! Everything in this pic are 3rd party replacement cases.

And more dremcasts on the right! All of the the replacement official replacement top halfs and my 4 skies of arcadia dreamcast controllers. Then my Jet Set Radio and Virtual On dc with another 3rd party translucent and a nice candy red dreamcast.

Here's some better pictures of the 2 custom dreamcasts.

Below and on the left we have the Star Wars Xbox 360 and the "Diplomatic Mission" Vader diorama (cause vader loves being diplomatic ;p). My favorite Vader statue! Also the One Piece Pirate King PS3 and a spiffy Luffy figure my friend got me when he visited Japan.

Skipping some stuff lets move on to Firefly, which is my favorite tv show (which is easy because it's the best one :P). On the wall is a framed firefly 10th anniversary print and the QMX Serenity "Big Damn Replica".

Here's another pic of the serenity, it also has a bunch of lights controlled by a remote.

And all of the Big Damn Replicas had a firefly plate signed by the Fillion.

If you noticed some weird little handbill thing in the back it's actually a chinese food menu! A co-worker of mine saw a restaurant that stole the Serenity logo and nabbed a menu for me, it's pretty funny ;p

Then to the right you have my F4F Link on Epona statue, it's pretty awesome. The EX for this was pretty lame imo so I went with the regular that you see there!

On the wall behind that there's also some other spiffy stuff. Including a framed Disk-kun (FDS mascot) handbill, a Tales of the Abyss laser cel, and some framed 35mm film cells from the Fifth Element (with LED lights behind it as they are pitch black against the wall otherwise). Also a framed Fallout 3 poser which I got from blockbuster ages ago.

Then we have the TV area

On the left we have a Wii, a S-Video modded Gensis with a Model 1 Sega CD, a 60gib PS3 (need that backwards compatibility!) and an AV-Modded Toploader NES.

Underneath the TV is a switch box (with a remote thank god ;p) so I can hook all that stuff up! I'll have to go to auto switchers someday but... not today. Sitting ontop of that is a Model 2 (cause Model 1 blew) Sega Saturn and to the right is the surge protector (old school ftw) and Dreamcast.

On the right side of the TV we have a very yellow SNES, an OX, and a N64.

And above the TV is my Skies of Arcadia flag which I had printed crimson on black. The TV itself is a 50" Sony SXRD.

In the front of the TV is the "coffee table". In the center is the Kotobukiya bounty hunters set.

On the back left are my Sharkies!

For some reading material I have the Udon Valkyria Chronicles Design Archives.

On the right is an Outlaw Star art book and an extra copy of the Skies of Arcadia art book.

I guess next is my computer. It's a mineral oil computer. Not gonna say much about it, if you're interested in it I wrote a blog a while ago. Here it is: http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/Dao2-SKP/new-gaming-rig-221106.phtml

Moving onto the wall of games, if you saw my last collection blog (a year or two ago?). It's the same wall, just more games :P The shelves are actually full for most systems and I've had to keep some stuff tucked away in a drawer. Here's an overview shot of it all.

On the left is mostly PC games, I got some slim boxed ones taking up tons of room and a few shelves of some good old jewel case games. The right side for PS1, PS2, and PS3 games (and one of my 3 xbox 360 games, Record of Agarest War: Ultra Naughty edition).

Keeping the top of the shelf spiffy looking is some big box games and figures. Sorry it's a crappy pic too lazy to retake it :P Starting from the left is Bonta-kun (not pictured), Zeta, Golden H, and Crystal RX-78 Gundam Master Grade kits. Behind them is big boxed versions of some of the best oldschool PC games: Duke Nukem 3D, Total Annihilation: Core Contingency, Original Fallout, Shogo, Homeworld, Space Hulk, and the Book of ID.

Sort of the in the middle is a MG Crystal Zaku II (not really pictured well sorry :P), some Patlabor Revoltechs, Last Exile blind box bust set, Vivi, Vaul-Tec Boy bobblehead, and Bullet Bill. Behind them is Freespace 2, Star Wars Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight.

To the right we got a Fett bust from Gentle Giant, Jehuty Revoltech, Gurren Lagann Revoltech, and Macross Revoltech :P And of course the continuing line of awesomeness with Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising, Tribes 2, Ground Control, and long box PS1 games of Wipeout, Rayman, and original Twisted Metal.

Capping it off my single remaining fully painted Warhammer 40k piece a Blood Angel Venerable Dread (his name is verny), Cypher and Temjun figures and a couple Votoms figures. The last long box ps1 being Gex and X-COM Terror From the Deep, Wing Commander IV, and Elder Scrolls II Daggerfall.

And on the shelf below are SMS, Gensis, Dreamcast, Sega CD, Saturn, GC, Wii, XBOX, NES, SNES, and N64 games.

Well last but absolutely not least is Skies of Arcadia! I'm not sure if I mentioned (really not sure since I started this blog 2 weeks ago :P) but Skies of Arcadia is my absolute favorite game of all time and I love the shit out of it. I've played it more times than any other game (I think I'm at 14 runs now? and it's not a short game either). I heartily recommend checking it out if you like oldschool JRPGs. I'm terrible at explaining things but let me just tell you, playing SoA is a damn adventure. Well onto the stuff!

Here's the area dedicated to SoA on my shelves that you saw before.

On the left we have the SoA limited edition from Japan and some SoA coins. I wonder what skull that is :o

In the middle we have some extra spiffy SoA custom dreamcasts. The one on the left has leds underneath the acrylic and it lights up.

The flash completely drowns it out even though it's quite bright, here's a no flash pic.

And sitting behind the 2 dreamcasts are some more SoA controllers! One for each of the 3 main characters, Aika, Fina, and Vyse.

And on the right side we have my custom Vyse statue and the other side of the SoA coins.

Now before the final piece, there's a bit of a score to settle. A little while ago Funktastic showed in one of his haul blogs a pretty cool bit of SoA merch in the form of an official SEGA wooden SoA cutlass that he acquired, and he CHALLENGED me to best it!

Of course all I could do was accept this affront and challenge, especially as I already had something amazing in the making! Now I personally think my DCs, controllers, and statue are better. But that's a personal opinion and I'm rather attached to them and biased, so I can understand if the argument is made that the sword is better. HOWEVER I firmly stand behind the "crown jewel" of my collection besting it!

Without further ado (since there's been plenty already) standing at a massive 5 feet tall and 3 feet long: The "Albatross 3"

If by some chance your are still skeptical, devote your attention to that leather cord in the back. It's used to lift open the back. Why you might ask? Because it's not just a ship, it's a goddamn Dreamcast.

*PHEW* That was a lot to go over. CONTEST IS OVER

As an end cap, I also did a video of the room although the quality isn't really amazing. Still you get some commentary and I showed some stuff that's not in the pics.

Hello everyone!

I'm sorry if you actually read my last blog (all 15 of you) and especially sorry for the 3 people that commented, but this is not the contest that I promised. It's still coming, about a month or so away so have no fear, this is just a bonus contest, or something.

So after watching the video in this blog Mr Gobbldigook's blog I was interested in the Max Scovillle challenge so I googled it and I decided, for my sins of being lazy bastard about making a blog about Nitronic Rush and the Distance kickstarter I would do this. So video below! Watch to the end for the contest and some footage of Nitronic Rush!!

So before the video, let's talk about Distance and Nitronic Rush briefly. Nitronic Rush was a free arcade racing game published by Team Nitronic a year ago (happy bday!!). You can get the game here: Nitronic Rush. I highly recommend it, it is not only free but awesome and I like it better than most games that cost actual money :|

Now that the students of digipen who created that have graduated a few of them want to make a spiritual sequel called Distance, and it looks AMAZING. Please look it up and if you can put up some money at the Kickstarter page here!: Distance Kickstarter.

So here it goes, the video:

Rules of the contest: Watch the video to get the basic jist and the prize.

This contest is open to any dtoid member HOWEVER if you pledge (or have pledged already) to the Distance kickstarter you get automatic winning priority (amount above $15 doesn't matter, unless it's like $1000 :P).

If you have done this you must pm me your user on kickstarter (and PM me on kickstarter to know it's you).

If only a single person backs distance and wants to enter the contest then they automatically win. If 3 people back it and enter the contest I will randomly draw out of the three. If no one backs it, you should be ASHAMED of yourselves but then I will randomly draw someone and they get it.

If you want to enter, just put a comment below saying that you are entering. If you backed follow that up with a PM to me with your kickstarter name.

I will only ship to US, sorry international folks :(

Good luck and please back distance!!!!

edit: Apologies for the self-fap. I just noticed that and it did it on my last blog too. I swear I'm not hitting the fap button not sure why that is happening :| Must be doing something wrong....

Hello DTOID! Finally youtube embedding is back!!! Woo! And it the Hawken beta started and the NDA is lifted, which is a shame as alpha was great.

Also as mentioned in the title I am planning to hold a contest for some pretty spiffy stuff (in my opinion at least), and well if it's not as spiffy to be free to no whinging! But I need some help! I have a few prizes and would like to know what everyone prefers, all of them wrapped up into a big grand-prize-package or "break it up" and have multiple chances to win. Note: Even if broken up the prizes will still be pretty decent.

So comment on what you think and as long as I don't get horrible maimed or something equally tragic I hope to hold the contest(s) within the next couple weeks!

In case anyone is interested (and possibly holding back?) the first goal in Namco's terribly named "ninostarter" campaign to add more bonuses to the "Wizard's" Edition of the game.

Goal 1 was a set of 5 Ni no Kuni prints, which I think is pretty awesome, and it was reached so those prints will be included in all of them \o/

They decided to wise up and actually say what each goal will add a while back as opposed to making it a guessing game until you reached it so they mentioned that Goal 2 is going to be a gold (obviously not real gold) Ni no Kuni coin. Sounds cool, but I'd prefer the prints so I'm happy we're getting those :)

Page to preorder if you want: http://store.namcobandaigames.com/store/namcous/en_US/pd/productID.253168700/categoryId.55939400?resid=UCUcRwoBAlYAAEtUJMEAAAA3&rests=1344609351613

Hefty at $99 but that book is pretty damn awesome.

10:04 PM on 06.18.2012

Silver-Blood Expeditions Markarth Trek

Markarth City

Adventures to Markarth … Beautiful landscapes, amazing geography and rich historical past …

Also, the city of Markarth is the most important tourist destination in The Reach and one of the most famous in Skyrim. Markarth was the capital of the one of the greatest First Era empires: the Dwemer
It`s Dwemer name was Nchuand-Zel.
Dwemer is a colonial city with a racial adversity, splendid temples and smallish houses built on finely carved rock foundations. Dwemer also houses one of the most notable prisons in this part of the continent, the Cidhna Mine.

Beautiful landscapes, amazing geography and rich historical past, makes Markarth a City that every traveler yearns to visit.
ATM tours.

The snow peaks of the Reach, with 6,372 meters of height is considered a sacred mountain since Dwemer times. The paths surrounding it are of Dwemer manufacturing, and form part of its marvelous view, allowing as well observing its impressive snow peaks and glaciers. The trek starts at a the entrance to the city, and as long as we ascend we will see the snow peaks showing up along the valley. The trek ends across the mountains at a freezing valley of the Karth River, so you can get an idea of how isolated Markarth is.

ITINERARY Markarth Trek

Early in the morning we pick you up from your room and transfer you in a carriage to Markarth passing picturesque and traditional towns like Dragon Bridge and Carthwasten, as well highlands plateaus and landscapes with great views of snowcapped mountains that belong to the cordillera The Reach. The carriage tip will last 8.00 hours and then the hike is for 16 hours.

Early in the morning you leave Markarth and keep going up the beautiful valley walking just below the majestic snowcapped Drugdach Mountains (6271 masl) after 1:1/2 hours the trek becomes steep zigzagging for a while after that we will arrive at a pass, 4600 masl from where you will be rewarded with superb views . The trail descends through an old moraine passing frozen pastures. This campsite is subject to change according to the guide's criteria and the evolution of the group.

Wake up with frigid mountain scenery and a luke-warm tea. Continue to the north down to the frozen forst through different ecosystems watching birdlife like cliff racers, cliff racers, cliffracers, and more motherfucking cliffracers, It will be a long descending day towards the cloud forest where the Forsworn live taking advantages of nature, also you will pass great waterfalls. At the end of the day we will see frozen fields. The hike will last approximately 9 hours.

Back at Markarth you will get a grand tour of the city, including Cidhna Mine as well as a brief glimpse of the Understone Keep entrance as we pass by. Cidhna Mine is a rich silver mine and prison camp owned by the Silver-Blood family and is considered the most secure prison of Skyrim. Now you've had the full tour of Markarth and it's surroundings! You've seen how far away it is from any other form of civilization and how difficult getting in and out is!

On our last day together we wake up very early to begin your orientation at the mine. We enjoy the magic view over the entire mine where we can observe the workers, about 6:30 am. We will have a guided tour during 2 hours, showing you how to you the entire mine. For example how to use your new tools and the richest silver veins. About 2:30 pm, we have some meals and then we leave your to your new life of toil and hardship! We won't see you again until your dead and we process your body for organs and bone meal to sell to potion shops the world over!

"Have a nice trip, it'll be your last!"

*We guarantee our website is virus fee as we want your money and infecting your computer will impede the process of acquiring it.
*No price information as we steal all your money anyway once you input your credit card information.