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It's hard to believe that I arrive hear near 2008 (according to my Forum account), and this is just the obligatory (but that we all want to do) Happy-B-Day Blog. As you know I barely blog something (a lot of gaming projects on the way, in spanish. Yeah) but i'm always reading the forums, making insignifficant comments on the blogs and news, but the tie past and now Dtoid it's my official news source. I love the irony of Jim Sterling, I love the professional JOURNALISM and I would marry Hamza, Niero, Chad and Anthony... at the same time.

This place have something UNIQUE, a charm that no other website would EVAR beat, and that's it his community, his Original Content, his Editors, His... FUCKING EVERYTHING.

And that's why I love this site. Again.

Gracias a Niero y a todos los miembros del Staff de Destructoid, por hacer de mi vida mas feliz cada dia . =D

Kudos for Dtoid.

And for all of those who are saying that Dtoid and Niero are getting old: They are like Wine, the more old, The Better they get ;)

Fireworks FUCK YEAH! (I was going to upload a photo of myself having a beer, but this internet connection it's danm slow)

Greetings Dtoiders! This is Danzflor showing up after a really LONG time, it's like 2.40 AM here in Chile and I just want to blog about something (actually, about nothing), and the New year it's a perfect excuse, I know I'm not around here on the c-blogs, neither the IRC (I miss that damn thing) but, as a lot of friends of mine aroudn here, maybe never blog something, but i'm always reading the blogs, commenting the news and have a good time with my favorite news source on the internets.

Now I'm on vacation time! (it's summer here) so I'm going to do the things the right way, do you remember about an spanish podcast? well, this year WE ARE GOING TO DO IT, I will not let that opportunity to just pass :)

Also, i'm pretending to blog a lot in order to improve my english =D, and a lot of other projects. By the way, some auto promotion, I'm getting a great feedback over here in my country with a new project I few months ago begin with a group of friends called "DomiNacion" and the people seem to love it, if you have time and understand english, check it out.

That it's the same reason because I REALLY want to do something around here, I'm probably going to uploaded to ScrewAttack.

so guys, that's all for now, this year i'm going to try to be a real member of this community (even if a I barely know some of you) and do my best, THIS IS MY YEAR, so i have to do MY BEST :)

I hope you're having a great time right now, and I'll see you soon.

This is the Drunk Danzflor, signing off ;)

Oh, I just forgot, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! Destructoid, keep being awesome ;)[img][/img]

5:29 PM on 10.25.2009

If you follow Destructoid on Twitter, you probably has noticed the "Destructoid + Salsa Music + Google Translate = Despingation"

Words can't describe the high level of awesomeness of this Joke for the Moment, I Just love it and I was Impressed of the nearly accurate Google translation, some minor flaws and that "Destructoid" was translated as "VidaExtra" or ExtraLife, something funny considering the fact that VidaExtra it's a real spanish gaming site (not a good one, but, meh), and despite of that, the translation was pretty good.

And thanks for the music, it makes me fell like I was at home (kind of)

But the point of the this blog entry is this:

Some friends on Facebook, Twitter and MSN told me: "Hey dude, don't you know? Dtoid has an Spanish section" or "Yay! now we have Dtoid in Spanish!". They not visit the site often, but It was surprinsing for me to saw that reactions.

Niero comment on one of my older entries that Despingation was and idea he had for an old gaming spanish site, but he gets to distracted with Dtoid.

So, the question, there's any chance of get an Spanish Dtoid (I mena, dedicated translation or even originals) or something like that? I know that maybe Spanish isn't a Worldwide lenguaje or even a powerful market (or stuff like that) But it would be awesome to have an option like that and, by the way, get more people to visit the site.

That's all for me this week. Later.


In my attempt to blog daily, I bring to you some music! YAY! Because Dtoid Likes Music (not for nothing we have dTunes) so every tuesday we're going to have some stuff, In what I have been working (mixing) and what I found on the interwebs.

You should probably ask, why not just simple put your toughts on the dTunes Blog? It's because my musical taste it's very different from normal rock and other "normal" music styles. You will see.

First! Let Put some Mash Up I've doing just for the lulz.

The First is from Dance Dance Revolution! Listening to my library I notices that these two song sound very similar (maybe because both are from the same artist? duh) so I to arrange some BPMs and some cuts and This is the Result

Joga - Dam Dariram (DDR 4th Mix)
Joga - Bye Bye Baby Balloon (DDRMAX: Dance Dance Revolution 6th Mix)

(sorry about the image crappy quality :P)

The Second tune is one that I wanted to do a long ago. Every time on Youtube always pop some Smash Bros. Brawl Song Version Mix with the original one, but looking for one I've never find a decent (or at least one video) for this one. So this is the result.

02 Theme Song. Brawl Version vs Original N64 Version.

I believe the result was pretty kick ass :)

And finally some of the Music I like to listen, this one is from Renard, a canadian producer who has a lot of free time and he's always launching EP's on his site and some free stuff, like a Stepmania based called Mungyodance (I love that game *.*), you can check all his stuff on his Youtube page. Now here is one of my favorite tunes (also a Boss Song in his game)

So, that is for today, hope you like this stuff. Tomorrow... well I have no clue was going to happen tomorrow, but, since I want to blog daily, something must happen, see you tomorrow! ^^

Hi guys, long time no blog, i've been busy, like a lot, but starting from today I'm back and Fully Charged, so, I'm trying to blog daily, let's see if that works.

Well, today I'm here to show something that it's concerning me about it and it got me worried.

I'm studying Journalism and I'm doing a research about Videogames, especifically about a recently approved law by our lovely ignorant politicians who still believes that Videogames will kill us all, that would cause a lot of changes on the videogames sales to the children here in my Country Chile. It happens everywhere and finally arrives to my country.

There some more points but these two are the most important.

First, they want to modify the ESRB charts to just 3 classifications, Everyone, 13+ and 18+ and they want to put that on the front covers of the games, to look like this. Yes, they want to do this in all games (50% front/back cover warning), I consider this... really... creepy, they are looking at the games, just like cigarrettes, here's an example:

This Is What they do with the Cigarretes here and in some places:

And turn violent videogames into this:

And also they want to put a "special" parental control on every sold console.
And all of these is happening due to violent acts happening around to world, but the facts say other thing. Documents like this show how the victimization levels are going down (according to the USA Justice Office).

I Support the fact of controlling sales of violent games to children, but things like that are ridiculous, Chile and Latinoamerica aren't an important market for videogames developers and things like this just make our situation worst. Even more if your recall what happening in Venezuela.

Also I'm watching "Penn & Teller: Bullshit!" SE 07. EP 03. where they talk about this situation and a lot of friends agree with that.

So, blame the game, the politicians, the parents, what do we do? I would love to know your opinion about this =)

I Know, this is a repeptitive issue nowdays but for me it's really important to know what The destructoid community has to say about it (and also it's going to help me a lot)

So, that is for today, I see you tomorrow with some music in my new pixelated world :3
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I just saw on the front page the Trailer for an upcoming Mario Kart fan movie, and i just remind (and comment) about a lot of fan movie trailers on the net, someones are just the trailer made it for fun and others are presented as future full lenght releases. From the last one, a few (for not saying anyone) get a real full lenght release. But i was just curious about one that I mentioned on my comment at that topic. MGS: Philanthropy. I haven't seen any info on Dtoid about this in a while, so, here we go.

Before we continue, if don't have any idea of what i'm talking about, here, take this.

Next Gen Trailer
Trailer 2
[The embed isn't working for me, sorry about that T__T]

So I started to Google it and see what's going on (I haven't heard a single thing about that since last november) and i got a lot of surprises. I mean, A LOT.

First of all, the shooting of this non profit movie ended last January. The huge delay was because they film location was demolished but now the Movie is ready. Since January they were working on the film post production and music.

About the music, it's going to have original score, by the Hybrid Two guys, it's pretty amazing, you can download a sample here or listen on his website. Every week till the release, they gonna upload more OST stuff here.

And the most OMG thing, they got Aoife Ferry, the "The Best It's Yet to Come" Singer, from MGS1, just to perform the ending song for the movie.

And finally, we are just 1 month away from the release of this 65 minute lenght movie, on September 27th, 2009.

Personally, as MGS fan, i have a lot of faith in this, for being a non profit fan movie it really looks very DAMN impressive

It's going to be available on YouTube, Vimeo and for download on his site, and they are planning a free .ISO release in a near future. So i just want to share this info with you guys.

You can check their official website for more info and a sneak peak of the Aoife song. Also, I love the style of the Intro, with countdown and all (just like the E3 Kojima's teasers). So, what do you think, someone else excited?