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Nyappy New Year to all! Also, I'm drunk!

Fireworks FUCK YEAH! (I was going to upload a photo of myself having a beer, but this internet connection it's danm slow) Greetings Dtoiders! This is Danzflor showing up after a really LONG time, it's like 2.40 AM here in C...


(short) Despingation FTW!

If you follow Destructoid on Twitter, you probably has noticed the "Destructoid + Salsa Music + Google Translate = Despingation" Words can't describe the high level of awesomeness of this Joke for the Moment, I Just love i...


Danzflor's Soundy Tuesdays: Mah Mash Up's

In my attempt to blog daily, I bring to you some music! YAY! Because Dtoid Likes Music (not for nothing we have dTunes) so every tuesday we're going to have some stuff, In what I have been working (mixing) and what I found ...


Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy Info

I just saw on the front page the Trailer for an upcoming Mario Kart fan movie, and i just remind (and comment) about a lot of fan movie trailers on the net, someones are just the trailer made it for fun and others are prese...


Why I Love Dtoid and Hamza and Everyone

Because they send me this Because it's going to conquer the world, even far away countries like mine. Because Hamza It's Just lovely <3 Because the love that girls refuse from me, i can give it all on IRC and Blogs =D!! And because Tonight's recaper it's gonna have a hell of a headache And remember, I FUCKING LOVE YOU ALL!! <3


Short: A Big Thank You

I being around here like a year in Destructoid, I know I never write anything because im very lazy, but it’s really nice to see that the community receive whit arms open the new dtoiders and everyone that want to express th...


The Gaming Web Sites in our Non-gamer life

[Autor�s Note: First serious c-blog im going to post here. My English really sucks, you�re warned.] When you are playing in a place full of consoles with you friends that love videogames like you, the jokes about that g...


Rabbids Go Home E3 Trailer

Rayman's gone, people appears and Obama gets Pwnd Im pretty exciting about this, finnally the rabbids are separated from Ray (and i really hope a new rayman game series) and now it explain clearly all about the storyline. ...


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