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My name is Daniel Gidlow. I'm a machinima creator, photoshopper, a college student... and a part time cashier at a grocery store. I have a couple of semi-popular machinima series including Meet the 360 Avatar and Doom Dudes... I'm an aspiring filmmaker, I also write and edit most of my work (my friend Solar also writes as well as provides several other services when working on a project). I hope to one day work in the film or gaming industry as either a writer, director, actor, editor, or voice actor.
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Hello, my name is Daniel Gidlow... I am the creator of Danz Newz Machinima... if you want to find out about me check out my 'about me' section on my profile.

So this is my first blog of sorts here... sorry if my writing style is a tad strange... when I write casually I use ellipses (...) quite frequently.... as opposed to using some proper puncuation... not that I can't use proper puncuation... I am a writer... but I find I can easier express my thoughts as they pop up this way... once again... if it bothers you... sorry... but, that's how I roll... ok... so... onto the main reason for this blog...

I made this video a couple of months back... I've been a HAWP fan for a while... and I wanted to do something with all of the HAWP episodes I had downloaded on my computer from GameTrailers... and this was the result:

YT Description:
]HAWP is one of my, if not my definitive favorite internet series... and so I decided to take my useless trailer making abilities... and made a fan trailer for the fake Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin? Movie... which does not exist (yet! fingers crossed)...

This video was featured by GameTrailers.com

NOTE: Neither Destructoid or any related parties had any involvement in the making of this trailer. It was made purely for entertainment purposes.
Also! With last week's new HAWP was a little fan art pic I emailed to Anthony... and he was cool enough to feature it... so thanks to Anthony...

plus a HAWP style avatar I made for forums and such:

So yeah... that's pretty much all I wanted to share with you guys with my first blog.... I will be blogging about more relevant topics in the future.... and in a bit more of a constructed fashion...

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