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DannyintheUK avatar 3:17 AM on 03.28.2014  (server time)
Watch Dogs is Coming

We’ve learned a lot about Watch Dogs since its original announcement in 2012, but a lot remains to be learned about Ubisoft’s upcoming open world game. Its release date is just over two months away, on May 27, delayed from when it was originally planned, but we can hope that is good for the final product. It will release across generations, coming out for the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Yes, you might remember hearing about a Wii U version, and it hasn’t been cancelled, but it’s been delayed further. We don’t know when that one will release.

But no matter which console you’re planning on buying Watch Dogs for, the general information about the game remains the same. After all, while there are resolution and graphical differences between different versions, the only differences in content are the bonus missions and costume—approximately one hour’s work of exclusive content coming to the PS3 and PS4. Everything else is identical, so let’s take a look at what Watch Dogs has to offer.

It’s set in Chicago, albeit a fictional version of Chicago controlled by a computer called the Central Operating System (CtOS). The entire city will be open from the start of the game. The premise plays on paranoia about our culture’s growing reliance on technology, as well as technological advances. In Watch Dogs, everything in the city is connected, which is one of the main focuses of the gameplay. The protagonist, Aiden Pearce, can hack into the city to do various things. For example, he can hack into characters’ phones for information, sabotage electronic devices, stop traffic lights, and much more. This appears to be the central feature of Watch Dogs, in keeping with its themes, and it gives the game a unique flavor that has a lot of fans really excited.

As it’s an open world game, it’s no surprise that there will be both main story missions and a variety of side missions. The side missions actually never end. Even though the game has a 100% completion mark, some content continues on forever, so you’ll be able to keep playing for as long as you want. Whether you plan to just play through the 35-40 hour campaign, play for around 100 hours to aim for completion, play for as long as you possibly can, or some combination of those options, Watch Dogs promises an interesting and thought-provoking adventure for everyone. And if you get tired of the single player gameplay, you can hop into a multiplayer match to compete against others—in modes that range from specific challenges to actually entering another player’s game.

So, what types of Watch Dogs cheats do you think we’ll see once the game comes out? Combat guides? While fighting isn’t a major focus, new players will probably want some hints to make sure they know how to properly use the system. Hacking advice? Depending on how it works, that seems quite likely. What we expect even more, however, are guides to overcoming situations in different ways, and strategies on using Aiden’s hacking abilities and the environment to make your way through the game. Trophy and achievement guides, unlockables, and other tips and tricks will probably emerge, as well. It should be fun!

Just as long as you don’t need to hack into the site to find the cheats.

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