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3:52 AM on 05.09.2014

Looking at Destiny Multiplayer

What is Destiny?

No, we’re not getting all philosophical here. We’re talking about Destiny upcoming video game due out on September 9! It’s the latest project from Bungie, a developer made famous through series like Marathon, Myth, and Halo. Destiny is another first-person shooter, but it’s also a lot more than that. It’s a huge project, with some RPG elements, and it’s entirely online. Unsurprisingly, this draws comparisons with MMORPGs, but Bungie prefers to call it a “shared-world shooter” to make sure fans understand the sort of gameplay they’re in for.

And just what sort of gameplay is that? Shooting, obviously, but there are many different modes for you to select, depending on how you want to play. We aren’t even sure if these are all the modes, or if there are more yet to be announced.

For example, if you’re interested in the story—and it promises to be a science fiction story for the ages, with hints of mystery—you’re probably most interested in the Campaign. You can even play it alone if you want, although you’ll have to be online. If you’d like to play the Campaign with friends, you can go through it in co-op mode in a 3-player Fireteam. And don’t worry about other players giving you trouble, because the competitive modes are entirely separate. A short amount of time into Destiny, once you have the weapons and abilities you’ll need, competitive modes such as Skirmishes are unlocked. Skirmish mode probably won’t be the only type of competitive multiplayer in gameplay, as a mysterious mode called Faction Wars has been briefly teased.

Many Destiny cheats will probably emerge for these modes alone. The game promises to have lots of weapons and loot, so you can expect to see hints on finding helpful items. And even if it’s not a MMORPG, Destiny’s class and ability system should make way for reference guides to abilities and upgrades. A number of cheats will probably apply across various game modes. Battle strategies, for example, will come in handy for both the Campaign and PvP.

They’ll be even more useful for some of the other modes. Consider the Strikes. Team up with other players to complete objectives, defeat enemies, and fight a boss at the end. You’ll almost certainly see hints for some of the trickier Strikes. We don’t know a whole lot about Bounty mode, but what we do know suggests there will be a specific monster for players to hunt down each week, for great rewards. And if none of these sound as though they’ll pose you a challenge, the end-game’s Raid mode sounds like it’s built to push you to your limits, even when you’re with a 6-player Fireteam. When one of the Raids was tested by Bungie, it took 45 minutes just to cross the entrance. Yeah, we expect Raid cheat guides.

Finally, if you just want to explore the awesome planets and locations in Destiny, there’s Patrol mode. It’s a free-roaming mode, so you can do whatever you like. Of all the modes, Patrol grants you the most freedom. And we bet there’ll be Patrol cheats, too—whether it’s for items, secrets, or both, you should be able to find a guide to all the goodies hidden across the game world.

Destiny is huge, expansive, and has enough modes that it may have something for everyone.   read

1:08 AM on 05.04.2014

Characters of Grand Theft Auto V

So, whenever someone is interested in picking up a new game, they’ll probably be interested in a few key things. Gameplay is one of the most important factors, and for many players, the game’s story and characters are also important. Grand Theft Auto V has been available since September, but some people still haven’t gotten a chance to pick it up. If you’re thinking about getting the latest GTA game to see what all the hype is about, read on to learn more about the playable characters of GTA V.

Unlike in previous GTA games, GTA V has three playable characters: Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, and Trevor Phillips. These three team up to rob the city’s big businesses, but each has his own reasons for getting involved. Michael and Trevor are old partners, as they used to be bank robbers together. However, Michael made a deal with the FIB and moved on, eventually getting a mansion in Los Santos, where he lives with his family. His motivation for the heists is to get back the money he has recently lost. Trevor, who now has his own enterprise selling drugs and weapons, joins him once again. The newcomer to their little mission is Franklin, a young man who works as a repo agent for a car dealership, but whose dreams extend far beyond the salary that job brings in.

They may be protagonists, but that doesn’t mean they’re heroes. Although Franklin is calm and tries to keep the other two in line, Michael is selfish and hot-tempered, and Trevor is a sociopath, if not a full psychopath. The reactions of critics and fans to these three were mixed—some liked them and though they were a fresh change of pace from the typical GTA protagonists, but some found them wholly unsympathetic (though some excluded Franklin from that category). Regardless, they are GTA V’s protagonists, and their personalities are set. Whenever you play as one, the other two go about their day-to-day lives, rather than standing by idly somewhere until you switch characters.

Once you play through to a certain point in the game, you’ll be able to change characters whenever you want in free roam. During missions, it’s a little bit different, as you’ll only be able to switch between them when it’s necessary to complete an objective. The character-switching feature of GTA V was generally well-received.

When we spoke about the critical elements of video games, we should have mentioned that cheats are important to some players, especially in a series like GTA, which is known for having tons of codes you can enter to achieve new and interesting effects. GTA V cheats are no exception, and as you play with these three characters, you can enter codes straight from your game to make them act drunk, alter their wanted level, and more. Leap from building to building with a super jump; run and swim at faster speeds than ever before. If you’re just having a good time in free roam (as cheat codes cannot be activated during missions, to keep the game balanced), check out some GTA V codes to see what you can do.   read

4:31 AM on 04.10.2014

Extending the Fun in Dead Island

If you’re a fan of zombie games, you’ve probably at least heard of Deep Silver’s 2011 game Dead Island. While not a straight survival horror game, it blended concepts from the survival horror, action horror, and RPG genres, and put them in a first-person game set on an open world island. Unlike most first-person games, it focused on melee weapons, which are more plentiful and easily accessible than firearms are. Dead Island came out on the PC and Mac as well as the Xbox 360 and PS3, so you’ve got a few options to pick from if you’re thinking about getting it. You might be concerned about the number of glitches. While it’s true that the game had a lot of problems when it launched, many of them were fixed in patches, and some of the glitches can even be advantageous.

Yes, when we talk about Dead Island cheats, we’re really talking about advantageous glitches. It has very few cheats that don’t involve some sort of glitch. That’s not exactly uncommon—most games end up with tricks where you exploit little bugs—but it seems especially prevalent in Dead Island.

For example, there are a couple of guides that explain how if you go to particular locations and follow specific steps, you’ll become invincible. In a similar way, you can protect yourself from zombies just by crouching on the hood of a car, which somehow takes you out of their reach. These are things that don’t sound like the developers ever planned them, but they could definitely help you out when you’re in danger.

Don’t worry about your weapons. The weapon duplication cheat gives you an easy way to create infinite copies of any weapon you want. An added advantage to this is that you can then sell your duplicates and quickly build up your cash supply. If duplicating your own weapons isn’t quite what you’re interested in, you can loop through certain areas to pick up items like Diamonds and alcohol bottles multiple times. And with all those bottles of alcohol, you know what that means!

Well, it doesn’t mean you’re going to endure the zombie apocalypse by being drunk; we don’t actually recommend that as a viable survival strategy. No, take that alcohol and get some Molotov cocktails. Kill the zombies with fire!

Invincibility, weapon duplication, and item duplication—all of the Dead Island cheats are along these lines, little tricks that take advantage of some of the buggier aspects of the game to do something good. As you can see, there’s no reason for you to let the glitches get you down. Make them work for you, and you might have more fun than you would if you just tried to ignore them. Not all glitches are bad glitches.

Dead Island was successful enough to get a sequel, even if the sequel didn’t have a positive reception, and many players really love it. If you like zombie games and you’ve been holding out on trying this particular one, you should probably read some reviews to get a balanced viewpoint, but now you have a better idea of the sorts of Dead Island cheats you’ll be able to employ.   read

3:17 AM on 03.28.2014

Watch Dogs is Coming

We’ve learned a lot about Watch Dogs since its original announcement in 2012, but a lot remains to be learned about Ubisoft’s upcoming open world game. Its release date is just over two months away, on May 27, delayed from when it was originally planned, but we can hope that is good for the final product. It will release across generations, coming out for the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Yes, you might remember hearing about a Wii U version, and it hasn’t been cancelled, but it’s been delayed further. We don’t know when that one will release.

But no matter which console you’re planning on buying Watch Dogs for, the general information about the game remains the same. After all, while there are resolution and graphical differences between different versions, the only differences in content are the bonus missions and costume—approximately one hour’s work of exclusive content coming to the PS3 and PS4. Everything else is identical, so let’s take a look at what Watch Dogs has to offer.

It’s set in Chicago, albeit a fictional version of Chicago controlled by a computer called the Central Operating System (CtOS). The entire city will be open from the start of the game. The premise plays on paranoia about our culture’s growing reliance on technology, as well as technological advances. In Watch Dogs, everything in the city is connected, which is one of the main focuses of the gameplay. The protagonist, Aiden Pearce, can hack into the city to do various things. For example, he can hack into characters’ phones for information, sabotage electronic devices, stop traffic lights, and much more. This appears to be the central feature of Watch Dogs, in keeping with its themes, and it gives the game a unique flavor that has a lot of fans really excited.

As it’s an open world game, it’s no surprise that there will be both main story missions and a variety of side missions. The side missions actually never end. Even though the game has a 100% completion mark, some content continues on forever, so you’ll be able to keep playing for as long as you want. Whether you plan to just play through the 35-40 hour campaign, play for around 100 hours to aim for completion, play for as long as you possibly can, or some combination of those options, Watch Dogs promises an interesting and thought-provoking adventure for everyone. And if you get tired of the single player gameplay, you can hop into a multiplayer match to compete against others—in modes that range from specific challenges to actually entering another player’s game.

So, what types of Watch Dogs cheats do you think we’ll see once the game comes out? Combat guides? While fighting isn’t a major focus, new players will probably want some hints to make sure they know how to properly use the system. Hacking advice? Depending on how it works, that seems quite likely. What we expect even more, however, are guides to overcoming situations in different ways, and strategies on using Aiden’s hacking abilities and the environment to make your way through the game. Trophy and achievement guides, unlockables, and other tips and tricks will probably emerge, as well. It should be fun!

Just as long as you don’t need to hack into the site to find the cheats.   read

4:10 PM on 03.03.2014

Prepared for Titanfall?

Are you prepared for Titanfall? For North American gamers, Titanfall releases on March 11 for the PC and the Xbox One, and it will come to other regions just a couple of days later. Xbox 360 users have a slightly longer wait, as that version was delayed by two weeks, but nevertheless, it is almost here.

So, let us consider the question again—are you prepared? If you participated in the alpha tests or beta tests, you’re probably pretty confidence that you know what to expect from Titanfall. After all, you’ve had hands-on experience with a couple of maps and a few different modes. Since the beta was opened to the public, this means a lot of people fall into that category. However, there are probably a lot of players who didn’t have the time or opportunity to try it out, who might want to get a basic idea of what’s in store for them. Besides, even people who have already experienced Titanfall could pick up a trick or two.

As of now, Titanfall cheats mainly fall into two broad categories—hints and guides, as the only known Titanfall unlockables are the various Titan types. Still, that gives us a lot to work with. While many of Titanfall’s gameplay elements will be familiar to anyone who has played first-person shooters in the past, it still has a lot of its own twists. The Titans are a big part of that. These giant mecha can be employed with a variety of strategies and methods. With a little research, you can learn the best and most efficient techniques for fighting Titans with Titans, fighting Pilots with Titans, and fighting Pilots with Titans. For example, while it may be tempting to summon your Titan as soon as you can, a little patience and luck might present you with the opportunity to crush a group of opponents into oblivion when your Titan falls onto the field. And while you may feel like controlling a Titan makes you invulnerable to the attacks of puny humans, a clever and careful Pilot can take down a Titan all alone.

Read through the various tips and tricks to see elements of the game you might have overlooked or not given much thought to. See which loadouts, kits, and burn cards other players have found most effective. Learn about tactics people have successfully employed in various modes and maps—and while you’re at it, you can dig a little deeper into Titanfall’s lore by reading up on the map descriptions to see what this new science fiction universe has to offer. While you’ll spend a lot of your time not caring about the opposite faction except that you must defeat them to win, it’s worth looking into the struggle between the Militia and the IMC. While you might consider the primary purpose of the AI-controlled bots to be easy kills to build up your Titanfall gauge and a way to flush out enemies and find your opponents, players interested in the story might like to know these bots’ names and purposes. Although Titanfall does not have a single-player campaign, it is not devoid of story.

Once you think you’ve picked up everything there is to know, put yourself to the test. Do you understand the basics of the regeneration system? When you start up a match, is it best to camp in a safe spot or go on the offensive? Which is the fastest Titan? What does it mean to “rodeo” a Titan, and what can you do if someone is trying to rodeo yours? If you know the answers to all of those questions, scan through the cheats a few more times, and consider yourself prepared for Titanfall.   read

8:39 PM on 02.14.2014

About Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 is the fourth entry in the popular Battlefield shooter series. It is available for five different systems, as it originally launched for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on October 29, 2013, and then came out as a launch title alongside both the PS4 and the Xbox One. Early on, it suffered from many problems with glitches and bugs, which especially hindered the multiplayer aspects. The issues were notable enough that in February, the developers provided players with free multiplayer content and perks to compensate/reward them for hanging in there during all of the difficulties.

Of the preorder bonuses initially offered for Battlefield 4, most were standard across all versions. The exception is that players who preordered the PC version through EA’s Origin service not only received the standard bonus DLC, but also upgrade packs for Battlefield 3. All other differences varied according to the retailer.

However, for current customers looking to buy a copy of Battlefield 4, there are still important differences to consider. In fact, the differences between the two generations (Xbox 360/PS3 vs. Xbox One/PS4) are more extensive than just graphical differences. Battlelog, game’s companion social application, was revamped and enhanced to include new features, such as the Battlescreen. Using the Battlescreen, players are able to use a second device, such as a tablet, to display and interact with a map while they play. This is advantageous, as a detailed map is just a glance away. However, it cannot be used with the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. Those versions also only support 24 players in multiplayer, while the newer consoles can handle up to 64. For players with an interest in multiplayer, details like that might be enough to convince them to get Battlefield 4 for the PS4 or Xbox One.

Graphics are another factor, of course. The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions have the weakest graphics of the bunch. They can only achieve frame rates of 30 fps, while the Xbox One and PS4 versions have frame rates that vary from about 40-50 fps, getting up to 60 fps under excellent conditions. The next-gen versions of the game also have increased details, textures, effects (such as rain or dust), and more. The PS4 version’s graphics are better than those of the Xbox One’s version, although both are slightly edged out by the PC version. 

Battlefield 4 was also one of the games that could be upgraded to a next-gen version. Players who bought it on the Xbox 360 or PS3 could pay about $10 to get a digital version on the Xbox One or PS4. For those who wanted to play the game right when it was first available but also wanted the improved next-gen experience, or for anyone who just decided to move on to the next console in general, programs like that were a great deal. The upgrade even transferred over statistics from the Xbox 360/PS3 version, so players didn’t have to worry about losing data.   read

6:45 PM on 02.13.2014

Titanfall - Big Deal?

I have been reading a TON of hype about Titanfall, which is an Xbox One exclusive, and how PS4 owners should be worried. I get the feeling that a lot of Xbox One fanboys are using this as a chance to try and get one back over their PS4 counter-parts, who have until now been doing pretty well.

I think Titanfall is going be an amazing game, but let's be honest and keep things in perspective. Gaming outlets are only just now starting to get the chance to play the game, and the beta for the public has not yet started. So no one has really even played the game.

And while the gameplay does look fantastic, let's remember that this is also a 720p game! I for one am pretty disappointed in the lack of 1080p on some major titles that have been released for the Xbox One so far... I know that gameplay is more important, but still, this is meant to be the next-generation!

Either way I am looking forward to getting my hands on Titanfall in the near future.

Cheers!   read

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