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DannyintheUK's blog

3:52 AM on 05.09.2014

Looking at Destiny Multiplayer

What is Destiny? No, we’re not getting all philosophical here. We’re talking about Destiny upcoming video game due out on September 9! It’s the latest project from Bungie, a developer made famous through series like Marathon...   read

1:08 AM on 05.04.2014

Characters of Grand Theft Auto V

So, whenever someone is interested in picking up a new game, they’ll probably be interested in a few key things. Gameplay is one of the most important factors, and for many players, the game’s story and characters are also im...   read

4:31 AM on 04.10.2014

Extending the Fun in Dead Island

If you’re a fan of zombie games, you’ve probably at least heard of Deep Silver’s 2011 game Dead Island. While not a straight survival horror game, it blended concepts from the survival horror, action horror, and RPG genres, a...   read

3:17 AM on 03.28.2014

Watch Dogs is Coming

We’ve learned a lot about Watch Dogs since its original announcement in 2012, but a lot remains to be learned about Ubisoft’s upcoming open world game. Its release date is just over two months away, on May 27, delayed from wh...   read

4:10 PM on 03.03.2014

Prepared for Titanfall?

Are you prepared for Titanfall? For North American gamers, Titanfall releases on March 11 for the PC and the Xbox One, and it will come to other regions just a couple of days later. Xbox 360 users have a slightly longer wait,...   read

8:39 PM on 02.14.2014

About Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 is the fourth entry in the popular Battlefield shooter series. It is available for five different systems, as it originally launched for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on October 29, 2013, and then came out as a launch t...   read

6:45 PM on 02.13.2014

Titanfall - Big Deal?

I have been reading a TON of hype about Titanfall, which is an Xbox One exclusive, and how PS4 owners should be worried. I get the feeling that a lot of Xbox One fanboys are using this as a chance to try and get one back over...   read

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