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11:57 PM on 02.12.2010

Welcome to Rapture...again

I can't see anything about Bioshock 2 other than that I love it. The world is great. I, like many, feared the new game wouldn't be all that good however it seems like a natural extension to the first Bioshock. I also like that it's kind of a prequel and sequel. Awesome work, 2K games.   read

3:29 PM on 11.10.2009

My final say on this MW2 fauxtroversy (I just made that word up!)

So I actually watched the video and I would like to say if this video is "disturbing" to you in any way you are an idiot. You're the kind of person that shouldn't be playing games because they are likely to be changed by them at some psychological level and start really killing people.

There is no emotion involved in killing these civilians. Their dead bodies all look the same. Their crawling away in agony animations all look the same. It plays out no differently than any other level in the game. Not to mention the level makes no sense. If the operative's mission is to stop Makarov the beginning of the level when you're standing behind him with a machine gun was a prime time to do so.

I do fully believe games can be artistic and the medium is an art form. This however isn't. It's like watching Die Hard 2. A bunch of no name may as well be clones are mowed down without a moments notice in an airport. There's no focus on any of them and it doesn't affect your character in any way. If Infinity Ward really wanted this to be moving I feel they failed. If not for the fact that I find the level, as I'm sure many people will, pointless and no different than any other shoot out then because their target audience of drunken frat boys will most likely turn shooting the civilians (no kids, really? In an airport?) into some sort of drinking game if they haven't already.   read

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