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Danielzilla's blog

11:57 PM on 02.12.2010

Welcome to Rapture...again

I can't see anything about Bioshock 2 other than that I love it. The world is great. I, like many, feared the new game wouldn't be all that good however it seems like a natural extension to the first Bioshock. I also like that it's kind of a prequel and sequel. Awesome work, 2K games.   read

3:29 PM on 11.10.2009

My final say on this MW2 fauxtroversy (I just made that word up!)

So I actually watched the video and I would like to say if this video is "disturbing" to you in any way you are an idiot. You're the kind of person that shouldn't be playing games because they are likely to be changed by them...   read

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