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DanielCampbell's blog

10:25 AM on 02.25.2013

Miami Hotline Video Review

Hotline Miami has received a lot of attention lately for being somewhat of an indie darling on the PC and with the game gearing up for a PSN release, we figured now is a good time for the AO crew to dig into the game and give you our two cents on the bloody romp through 1980′s Miami. Please enjoy. PS: Eff the dogs   read

8:42 PM on 01.29.2013

The Real Texas Video Review

Does the Real Texas keep it real and deliver a compelling gameplay experience...guess you'll just have to watch and find out. Please excuse my voice sounding slightly off. I've been rather ill lately.   read

12:57 PM on 01.25.2013

10,000,000 Video Review

There have been an influx of indie titles being released for the PC market in recent years and with all of those releases, it's sometimes hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Does 10,000,000 manage to set itself apart from the rest? You'll just have to watch and find out.   read

10:36 AM on 10.18.2012

Mark of the Ninja Video Review

In honor of the game's Steam release, here is a quick video review of Mark Of The Ninja. Enjoy.   read

2:25 PM on 08.30.2012

Core Online: Gaming of the Future

Like it or not, Square Enix's "Core Online" is very possibly how we will be seeing our games offered in the future. It makes a lot of sense to deliver games in this fashion from the developer, publisher and consumer standpo...   read

5:20 PM on 07.11.2012

Buck Up Indie Devs!

You hear a lot of great success stories from the indie game development scene. It's fun to listen to these stories because they make you feel really good about this industry you've chosen to pour your interests into. The mo...   read

12:57 AM on 05.03.2010

Tropico 3 Video Review

A quick video review for the Xbox 360 version of Tropico 3. Hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think! All constructive criticism is much appreciated.   read

11:42 PM on 04.23.2010

Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess Video Review

Hey all you sexy readers! Looking for a good PSP Mini game to slake your platforming lust? How about “Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess”? Is it fun enough to earn that $5 that has been burning a hole in your pocket? I guess you will just have to watch the video below and find out! COMMENT!   read

11:21 AM on 03.27.2010

Final Fantasy XIII (13) Video Review

Well…here it is. I’m ready for your white hot nerd rage! BRING IT! I stumbled through the script in a few places and I apologize for that. I promise it wont be as bad in the future. I was just ready to get this review done al...   read

11:58 PM on 03.24.2010

Something About Sex: Stop Buying With Your Junk!

These days the game industry is overrun with women all too willing to jiggle their naughty bits for your gaming dollar. While there is a place for this kind of thing, gamers really should not let this natural urge determine w...   read

5:27 PM on 02.14.2010

My Expertise: Getting Beaten Down

When scrounging around the game industry for a profession, I quickly realized that I cannot be the "best" at any of them. No matter what I did, who I befriended or how hard I worked there would be someone else that was better...   read

1:27 AM on 02.14.2010

Death To The Bald Space Marine!

Let’s face it. Video game male lead characters are looking more and more like penises with each passing game. Big, white, male, bald and gruff seems to be the checklist for making a lead character. I for one am tired of this...   read

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