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Daniel Starkey avatar 12:52 AM on 09.07.2009  (server time)
PAX Inspirations and Impressions

So. PAX. Kind of a big deal. And really fucking awesome. But we already knew that. But... seeing all the D-toiders again, and many for the first time, and having to tell no less than 10 million of them that I was no longer active filled me with shame... and disgust... and a mysterious lust for cupcakes. So here I am, writing, musing.

Since PAX this year had a ton of new, never-before-seen, content, quite unlike my first foray into the world of cons in '07, and since everyone is making a list of their top PAX picks, I see no reason why I shouldn't do the same. Because you should always do what everyone else does.

1. TOR-
The Old Republic is sexy. I thought the audio design was absolutely fantastic, and having multiple people able to engage in relevant conversations in which important choices are made is really stretching my brain. I have absolutely no idea how exactly they are planning on making that work. I am curious to see just how much impact our decisions will have, whether or not there will be duplications of important NPC companions, how choices will affect one player and not the other, or everyone, etc. And just how much player companions can influence decisions, etc. etc. My head is screaming with questions. There's just so much to see. Additionally, I picked up a free steam copy of KOTOR. Might keep me busy for a few days, and it's been at least a year since I've played it so it might be time for another run through one of my favorite games ever. I cannot describe how much I loved the bounty hunter. If I could be whatever Yoda's race is, and fire missiles, lasers and use a jetpack I would have multiple game and/or nerdgasms.

2. No More Heroes 2-

3. Borderlands-
I am still a bit skeptical, because I tend to prefer my games with some solid story. Still, having 4-player co-op and knowing at least 5 people who would love to explore Pandora with some acid shotguns is definitely exciting. The only question left in my mind is "360 or PC?"

4. Wet-
Looks sexy, plays incredibly well and it's just plain awesome. The only thing I am worried about is the expansion of introduced game elements. Sure having the screen go red randomly and slicing 50 enemies to pieces in a matter of seconds is awesome, but will it get old? I was worried about this for Fallout 3, but I've dumped over 1,000 hours into the D.C. wastelands and I am still not bored. We'll see.

5. Mass Effect 2-
Really looking forward to this. I love the original and I love the improvements. Just want a solid release date. Preferably in the next week. I can dream...

6. Bayonetta-
Awesome. Like Devil May Cry but sexier. For obvious, if a little played out reasons.

7. Jump Gate Evolution-
I had a few issues with some the controls, which I found a little frustrating , but I got them down after some extensive fiddling. It looks like what I hoped EVE was. My fear, again, is that I will fall out of love with it as quickly as I fell in. I didn't get to see much of the MMO, just killed a few low-level enemies, but even that was pretty enjoyable. And it looks really slick- especially for an MMO. We'll see how it tuns out, but I think it will be quite good.

That's all for now. I'll try to start posting more interesting things in the next few fays as I head back to my own computer in college and start the pax-inspired game playing frenzy that will inevitably ensue.

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