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Daniel Husky Lingen avatar 3:41 PM on 06.11.2010  (server time)
E3 2010: Liveblogging the van down to E3

If you haven't heard, Destructoid is traveling in STYLE. We've crammed 7 people into this... Chevy Uplander... and we're road tripping down to E3. So far we've had to cast off one member, but we're officially off! We've got plenty of tethers so we'll have internet, and thus will be LIVE BLOGGING our trip. Will we make one entry and forget about it the rest of the way? maybe. CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES.

2:06 PM Julio's doing repairs on Destructoid.... FROM THE PASSENGER SIDE OF HIS BEST FRIEND'S RIDE

2:10 Waiting for Niero to get back from Radioshack... we're totally legally parked. F33t.

We're thethered to Julio's EVO 4G, no 4G though. There's 4 of us connected to it

3:10 PM - Still on 580, working our way througho Livenomore. Traffic's pretty bad.

Also, we switched it up to the G1

Reststop 1

We're currently listening to GI Joe PSA's streaming over a G1 and an EVO 4G

Also, we are here

5:35 PM

I'm having fun jumping from wifi to wifi. So far we have three stable IP's available in the car. None of our hotspots are encrypted, because as Niero said "If people can connect to our phones while we're on the freeway they deserve it."


We had an epic battle of Mario Kart DS, which resulted in Ben fisting the roof of the car. He tied Hamza for first with 102 points.

8:31 We're waiting for Hamza to get his In-N-Out. We'll probably end up picking him up after E3

12:12 AM - We got here a while ago. It's super wtf sketchy. See the picture below.

Who... after they're done bumping uglies... things to themselves "Hey, I've got an idea. Let's commemorate this occasion by signing our names on the wall with your lipstick."

Anyway that's game. Thanks for reading.

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