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Daniel Husky Lingen avatar 12:46 AM on 03.29.2008  (server time)
COD4 DLC event coverage; we missed press registration edition

Although when I first received the email about this event I had no plans on actually attending, Drunk with Numbers and I somehow found our way out to San Jose in order to attend this open-to-the-public event. Arriving an hour late, we missed press registration, and as a result would have to wait in line or go home. Despite all of these setbacks, we're not going to be able to let this night go without sharing it with the rest of you guys


Thanks to our new friend Robert Taylor, we were rushed to the front of the line in order to run inside and take a look. Don't think we cut those poor people who had been waiting since noon to play the maps, we were told we wouldn't have the opportunity to play. We did, however, get to try some of the "minigames" they had set up around the event floor... if you can even call it that.

Ross went "pew pew pew" (shown in figure 1) and answered a series of questions in order to commandeer us some swag. I sat back from a distance and laughed as his freakishly good looks earned him a poster, a T shirt, and a... fact sheet (hawt... I know).

After the carnival type festivities were over Ross and I had some... eyes on time... with the game. We got to watch a bunch of fanboys up on a stage play the new maps. Ross seems to be under the impression they were good, I didn't bring my glasses so I didn't exactly get a good look.

After walking around and getting some swag, we found an opportunity to make our way out, very covert like, as we sped away in Ross's Mercury Milan.

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