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Daniel Husky Lingen avatar 12:25 AM on 02.29.2008  (server time)

While chatting with the guys down in IRCartel, I came upon a new discovery that will forever revolutionize the way you express the tightness in your pants via text. I will dispense this knowledge, now


Although it may be backwards, you'll have to get used to that. This new penis expresses not only love, but a desire to bend one over, and firmly stick it in. Although sending one another a heart or a penis may be fun, it's important to embrace this new lovable penis

Users agree, this new penis will revolutionize the way we speak, and you should embrace it too! I first brought you butsecks and now I bring you......


Check out what IRC users are saying!

22:28 ConradZimmerman: That's a revelation!
22:29 ConradZimmerman: ASCII penises around the world will never be drawn the same again!
22:29 +CharlieLovesChunLi: you have created love on another level
22:29 @Necros: my god
22:29 @Necros: it's beautiful
22:30 +CharlieLovesChunLi: ... i want it in me.
22:30 ConradZimmerman: It *is* in me.
22:30 +CharlieLovesChunLi: 1. print
22:30 +CharlieLovesChunLi: 2. fold
22:30 +CharlieLovesChunLi: 3. insert
22:30 +CharlieLovesChunLi: 4. enjoy!

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