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Daniel Raynor
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Are 'Easy' Games So Bad?

While watching Innominatus on the Destructiod Stream A few comments sparked off a discussion that treads on dangerous grounds. Notably it delves into the conversations about Call of Duty, which I would say is up there with Ju...


About Daniel Raynorone of us since 6:15 PM on 07.22.2013

Hey. I'm a nineteen year old university student soon to start Game Design and Creation in the Netherlands. I have been playing and enjoying games for pretty much my whole life. I'm not good at them but they always spark my imagination.

I'm always creating new ideas, currently working on a random game with RPG Maker VX. I write a lot online at RoleplayGateway. Also when I'm playing game and have the time I also stream on twitch.

TemplarWarden is my handle pretty much everywhere. Never run into a copy and the name has history for me and everyone assumes I'm referencing a different thing every time.

I would love it if you follow me on whichever social media you prefer.


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