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Hey. I'm a nineteen year old university student soon to start Game Design and Creation in the Netherlands. I have been playing and enjoying games for pretty much my whole life. I'm not good at them but they always spark my imagination.

I'm always creating new ideas, currently working on a random game with RPG Maker VX. I write a lot online at RoleplayGateway. Also when I'm playing game and have the time I also stream on twitch.

TemplarWarden is my handle pretty much everywhere. Never run into a copy and the name has history for me and everyone assumes I'm referencing a different thing every time.

I would love it if you follow me on whichever social media you prefer.

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While watching Innominatus on the Destructiod Stream A few comments sparked off a discussion that treads on dangerous grounds. Notably it delves into the conversations about Call of Duty, which I would say is up there with Justin Bieber and Twilight in split opinions. However, thankfully the guys in chat were mature and it was just a discussion as opposed to a rage. Before I stay, let me say I personally do not play or like any Call of Duty. I will try not to let that sway my discussion.

Anyway, strolling off topic. While Call of Duty was part of the discussion I was struck by another point of the instigators. He was commenting on the skill level of CoD as compared to things like CS and Unreal. I can't recall the conversation leading up to that exactly but it involved the difficultly of games these days. I do know it involved comparing the old and new XCOM games so I'll start there.

I was really young when I first encountered these games. My main memory is being terrified to death from the music of Terror From The Deep. When I did get the guts together to play one of these games, about three to four years I wanted to play as well as my brother. He progressed a long way into the XCOM: Enemy Unknown (or UFO Defense,) getting several bases and fancy interceptors. Anyway, I tried playing on the easiest difficulty. Seeing as this blog is about 'easy' you can probably guess what happened. I got to about the third mission before everyone got slaughtered and I just had to stop.

Anyway I tried again and again as I grew, every time I didn't progress much further. I moved on the Apocolypse and I did better in that. Not that I did well there. Now the newest XCOM came out. Guess what? I finished it! Going back to the older XCOM games I still have no luck. Which means that its pretty much scientifically proven that the new one is easier then the old one.

With all this I hope I haven't lost you from my initial point. My point is I feel it is not necessarily bad that games are getting easier. That seems to be a condemnation from a large number of people that I've heard. For one I am glad many AAA titles are getting easier, becoming more accessible to people like me who aren't very good at games. After all there are such things as difficulty levels. There is a difference between difficulty and quality. While the new XCOM: Enemy Unknown may not be the best game, it is decent and playable. I can enjoy the experience through the whole game from beginning to end with only a moderate amount of frustration.

Damn mosquitoes...

Anyway that's all I have to save about that. Long winded way of getting to the point. That's how I roll. I would like some feedback on this. Aye or nay. There are large number of games I haven't played that have long running franchises/remakes/redos.