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Daniel Husky Lingen's blog

3:50 AM on 10.19.2007

Weighted Companion Cube FTW

Drunk with Numbers aka Dead247 and I are currently at the amazingly lovely pad of Chad. Determined to go out for a smoke without waking our ever so AMAZING host of ours, we were perplexed at the issue of keeping the door open so we wouldn't have to buzz up for permission to enter (It's a building like in Seinfeld where you have to buzz up for the door to open)

"DUDE... THE COMPANION CUBE" Dead said enthusiastically, as he pointed at my newly woodled companion cube (unfinished, which is why I have yet to make a real post about it). I grabbed it with more excitement than an abandoned kitten who just found some fresh fish bones and headed for the door. We used our ever so lovely companion to hold the door open as we escaped for a break outside.

Just another reason to love your weighted companion cube.

Also... if you pry the elevator doors of this apartment complex open early it's possible to climb out in between floors. So be aware.   read

12:29 AM on 09.24.2007

I beat the haloes

Now before you go off calculating how long it took me know that I didn't have the ability to do this in one sitting. When work related needs come up I put my fanboyism aside and do what I need to do.

That said this game was epic. Having read all three books, followed ilovebees, and looked into every clue there was about the storyline, I can truly say this was the perfect conclusion to the story. I constantly found myself with a grin on my face playing through campaign, and even grasping my couch as hard as I could (yes, I said couch... not crotch). Through epically large battlefields and puzzling passageways, I enjoyed being able to finally do what I feel has been missing throughout the series.

I'm having a tough time writing anything up without giving away storyline, but just know that it's not a game to be looked up, and had I the opportunity to give an official dtoid review I would have most certainly given it a 10. This game wasn't lacking in any area, and throughly put up to my expectations. It was one of those games I played though and went "God damn... I've always wanted to do this" or even call my friends to come over and watch a replay because the graphics were so breathtaking

I can tell this review isn't making much since so I'll stop, I just wanted to get my impressions up before venturing off into educational land

Any questions about the game feel free to ask, I'll come by and answer them the best I can   read

9:09 PM on 09.22.2007


Well Husky did it again

And once again, with a poorly written cblog post i'll brag to you all about my ownage of Halo 3, and my excitement, I'll let you know how it all happened

actually screw that I wanna go play

I'll let you know when I'm done


2:42 AM on 08.28.2007

My experience on the 'Frisco' Muni

It's come to my attention that I should blog about my experience on the Muni (Public transportation around SF) a few days ago.

It all started when we decided to go venturing in the city. Sitting on the Muni with our newly purchased tickets at hand, we had an aura around us the size of my old high school. Across the way sat a homeless man with a parrot tucked into his jacket. "Dude" I whispered "That guy totally has a bird tucked in his shirt".

As we stared at this rather peculiar passenger he noticed our hung-over glance. "It's a parrot, I'm going to take it down to the shelter on Monday" (It's Wednesday). As we went on our ride, he proceeded to strike up conversation with us, including making sure we were "street legal". My favorite part of the conversation, however, was when he assured us... [Sessler voice]"Don't forget boys... you're in Frisco"[/Sessler voice].

As he got off the train, (lol get off) he handed us a card for what he called a "Film" company. The card depicted two people, one giving head to the other. The fact he was trying to recruit us into a porn video was now very apparent. "He pays well" the man assured us as he stepped off the Muni. "Feel free to check it out"

The door closed and the entire train burst out laughing. I have to say that was, by far, one of my most memorable experiences on public transportation.   read

8:23 AM on 08.16.2007


Yes turkeys, that's right, I have no life Also this post is poorly written but i don't care because I'm just that tired I stayed up all night (literally... the sun is coming up) just to beat bioshock Well I did It took me... since 4.00 PST to now (6.30 PST) so do the math when I'm not so exhausted I love you guys also, these are all my achivements (spoilers might occur... but I doubt it... some of you guys might omfg freak out about it   read

1:32 PM on 08.15.2007


I know what you're thinking. "This has to be the most frantically written post ever"

Well it is

I have a dentist appointment in 15 min, which bumbs me out, because I can't play bioshock.

I woke up this morning with a frantic message from lawl informing me his toys r us sold him a bioshock game. I didn't believe him until he showed me his picture

Then I frantically picked up the phone, and called my toys R us

"No hun, sorry, I'm supposed to tell all calls we do not carry that game"

Damn... maybe I should run down there

So I went down to the game section (this is an hour after they open FYI) and the guy is stocking the shelves. "Hey... do you guys have a copy of bioshock" "no man, but I heard other stores do, try target" (lol)

So I walked around with my 20% off copon for a bit, decided there was nothing I want, then proceed to leave. As I was driving away the employee came frantically running into the parking lot, bioshock in hand "Dude, is this the game you want?" "HELLL YEESSS" I grabbed it from him and bought it before they had the chance to change their mind. "Hey" I asked as I was about to leave "Do you have any idea when this game came out?" "No man, I hear it's a new release though" "haha, alright cool thanks"

Meanwhile i'm off to my dentist appointment, then i'll be playing my video gamez   read

11:08 PM on 07.14.2007

Super Cereal Review: Solitaire

As you may know, I recently made my way to this year's E3 summit in Santa Monica. The silence of the awkward shuttle rides from place to place was often filled with bloggers discussing their favorite game. I never truly had one, until I had the opportunity to play this new tittle. Solitaire brings the excitement of card games back to the PC market, and uses the latest technology to provide an absolutely thrilling experience. Check out this review, after the jump.

*wannabe jump*

The game starts its massively deep story line by giving the player a virtual deck of cards. These cards are laid out, and must be organized according to color and number. Personally, I loved the story line and couldn't wait to finish the game just to see what happens. Never before have I been so addicted to a game just for the story line.

Overall graphics are left to be improved. Despite the summit is just to show off games that aren't coming for some time, and mostly aren't finished, I still expect the tittles to be presentable. The developers clearly had more graphics to explore (such as the third dimension) and left much more to be added, however I was told the latest version of the game (not yet on display) would amaze me once the final game came out. We'll see how well it delivers.

The controls leave nothing to be desired. There's nothing like picking up a game and being able to guess the controls. They've done a great job in this sense, and even leave more advanced controls (such as double clicking a card) for the experts.

Game play has several different scoring options (Vegas, Standard, or even None) so you can compete against your friends. However, this leads us to what this game is truly lacking: multiplayer. What kind of developer can release a game and expect it to be successful without mutiplayer? It's games like Army of Two and Little Big Planet that are going to push gaming into a truly new generation. We couldn't even get an online scoreboard, so in order to compare your scores with friends you must write it down or tell it to them! I hope they work on this game, and add some of the features it's currently lacking, however I still think it deserves a verdict.

Try It!

Score: 7.83942

[Digg This]   read

11:27 AM on 07.09.2007

E for All OWN3D by Fatal1ty; I was Thinking About Going...

Fatal1ty managed to sell out again. In his most recent reach for money, the walking billboard has decided to team up with IDG Word Expo to make the most product placed E for All Expo EVER. The overly popular professional gamer is taking on what IDG hopes has replaced the E3 expo all together. He'll be doing everything from just appearing to taking on challanges. However, unfortunately for us "normies" , he won't be doing anything that will make him look like anything less than a god. We wouldn't want to hurt the biggest ego in gaming, now would we?

For those that have no clue, Fatal1ty has been dubbed as the top professional gamer with 12 world championships in five different games. The last time I heard about him was on MTV when they were doing their huge drive for the Xbox 360. I'm sad to see his paid promotions take a shadow like linger over the upcoming E for All expo. Don't believe me? Head over to and see for yourself. The last time we saw somebody promote something more than themselves was... we're not going to get into that.   read

2:15 AM on 06.29.2007

This didn't come with a guide; I'm raising gamers

Today I came home to an overly excited 50 year old man. It seemed as though my father found a cure for cancer. This, however, wasn't such a simple solution. My father had purchased a Nintendo DS.

In order to completely express my feelings at this moment I must go back to January. Around the twentieth of the month, my parents decided to purchase a Wii. Now by decided to purchase I don't mean they saw it in the ad and went OMFG GAM3Z, I mean they received money from my grandfather who had been alone for roughly two months now, and with this money they decided to purchase a Wii. Now I'm not saying that the Wii brought my family together, that's never been a problem, but it certainly was the first video game system everybody could pick up together.

Nights came and went, and more often than not I walked in on my father trying to improve his bowling reputation. I shrugged it off and joined his still never ending quest. However as we played I noticed something. For the first time in a while I could see the spark of inspiration. My parental unit was enjoying the same video game I was.

Months have passed since then and now I'm sitting next to my dad, who is playing his newly purchased DS. This leads me to ask the question; To what effect do we have on our own parents? Is it our responsibility to make sure they're influenced by the correct video games? Do we shake a finger at them when we find them eying a PS3 at the store? Should we discuss their opinions like we discuss them on a forum? What about the Parentoid?

It's things like this I want to find out from the community. Be you parents or kids; is it possible that we can raise gamers? Or is it something you're born with?   read

1:28 PM on 06.10.2007

N00b goes to court over Second Life; the n00b wants his monies back.

It's always a sad thing when one must take on a second life to fill the disappointments and shortcomings of their own. There couldn't be a more disappointing moment than when you walk in on your best friend playing a video game because you just don't "satisfy" him/her anymore.

Marc Bragg's friends are so un-satisfying; he spends most of his time playing this game than he does making money in his real life. Just recently; Bragg obtained some real estate by exploiting a URL glitch, thus making his fake life even better. Naturally, the account was suspended and he couldn't use what he hacked for emotional gain. However instead of moving on to another game, like a good little hacker, Bragg decided to take it to court.

The case is about whether or not they had to right to suspend Bragg's account, cutting him off from about $3,200 USD worth of Lindens. "As we speak", the producer of the game, Linden labs, has to look for other ways they can weasel themselves out of the case and avoid the humiliation of giving back fake land. The judge didn't buy a plead that he obtained the land through "wrongful means", and shot down the game producers when they said the court has no jurisdiction out side of California. Linden Labs actually stated in their Terms of Service that all disputes must be settled in California.

As the struggle goes on all we can do is sit and shake our heads as our country slowly grows its need for in-game courts. This is just another example of why Second Life shouldn't be taken so seriously. When you lose over $3,000 USD in a game other than gambling you might want to take a look at what you've become.

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[via gamepolitics]   read

10:50 PM on 06.05.2007

Forza Motersport 2 Destructoid Car WINNER

Congratulations to Volcanon for making one kick ass Destructoid car on Forza Motersport 2.

As promised, you get one of these.


Thanks to all the entries, go race them now!   read

8:23 PM on 06.03.2007

Husky's Forza Motersport 2 Paint Job Contest!

Anybody who is thinking they will get some neat swag from this, please, don't get your hopes up. It's just me hosting this competition, the victor gets a "GOOD JOB!!!111ONE ONELEVEN"

For all of you who still want to participate; read on. Your objective is to create the coolest Destructoid ride. As long as it says Destructoid on it you can enter, however it's suggested you put effort into it.

Bonus points go to anybody with an STI.


Now that I think of it I never put on a limit. The contest ends... at the end of Tuesday.   read

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