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So I guess it's time I update this because it's not quite as elaborate as all the other cool kid's...

But I don't have shit to say so... SPARKLES
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If you haven't heard, Destructoid is traveling in STYLE. We've crammed 7 people into this... Chevy Uplander... and we're road tripping down to E3. So far we've had to cast off one member, but we're officially off! We've got plenty of tethers so we'll have internet, and thus will be LIVE BLOGGING our trip. Will we make one entry and forget about it the rest of the way? maybe. CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES.

2:06 PM Julio's doing repairs on Destructoid.... FROM THE PASSENGER SIDE OF HIS BEST FRIEND'S RIDE

2:10 Waiting for Niero to get back from Radioshack... we're totally legally parked. F33t.

We're thethered to Julio's EVO 4G, no 4G though. There's 4 of us connected to it

3:10 PM - Still on 580, working our way througho Livenomore. Traffic's pretty bad.

Also, we switched it up to the G1

Reststop 1

We're currently listening to GI Joe PSA's streaming over a G1 and an EVO 4G

Also, we are here

5:35 PM

I'm having fun jumping from wifi to wifi. So far we have three stable IP's available in the car. None of our hotspots are encrypted, because as Niero said "If people can connect to our phones while we're on the freeway they deserve it."


We had an epic battle of Mario Kart DS, which resulted in Ben fisting the roof of the car. He tied Hamza for first with 102 points.

8:31 We're waiting for Hamza to get his In-N-Out. We'll probably end up picking him up after E3

12:12 AM - We got here a while ago. It's super wtf sketchy. See the picture below.

Who... after they're done bumping uglies... things to themselves "Hey, I've got an idea. Let's commemorate this occasion by signing our names on the wall with your lipstick."

Anyway that's game. Thanks for reading.
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<p> Know your way around a camera? Often find yourself wondering what it's like to "live the dream?" Hoping that rash will clear up before the big game on Sunday? We're here for you! The Video.Destructoid crew is looking at taking on some more help for this year's E3 coverage, and as such we're coming to you, our wonderful community, first. If you're interested in helping out at this year's E3, please get in contact with R3y [at] Destructoid.com to get the ball rolling, create synergy, and even take this conversation offline! Requirements; Prior experience working with digital video. Portable laptop capable of processing and uploading video in a timely mannor. Final Cut Pro experience to edit footage on site. Hope to hear from you soon!</p>

O hai guys!

It's come to my attention my pax 08 wrap-up is late, so late that CTZ posted a wrap-up wrap-up without me. My entire pax trip could have ended after I got an amazing cheer at the Destructoid panel. Seriously I was just trying to get the panel's attention really... then everybody started screaming "HUSKY!!!" and my ego immediately became bigger than the entire show floor. Honestly meeting all of you in that short fifteen minutes was too much for this hog to bear, I was ready to pack it up and leave after that...

...I was just too drunk :D

Which brings me to a second point - my original fear of going to PAX was that of actually "swinging the bat" if you will. I was afraid I'd end up getting super drunk and becoming "that guy" - so if I ever did become "that guy" - I'm sorry, I'm really not that mean I'm just incredibly sarcastic.

Regardless I wanted to send a shoutout to all of you, because you're just so fucking epic. If I forgot anybody I'm really sorry! It's not that I don't love you! It's just that I met so many amazing people it's insane.

In alphabetical order O.o - also if I left you a cliche comment my bad, there's a lot of you!

.tiff - I like to think that it was because you came to pax that I got invited to your house last Saturday... gosh...

Amber - It was awesome meeting you, now whenever droobies steps away in stickam it won't be awkward... well that awkward...

Asian Joe - My good sir it was nice meeting you after all the phone conversations! err... you didn't know I was on the line, I just tapped your cell... this is getting too personal

BigPopaGamer - Amazing meeting you / hanging out with you, my good sir!

Blehman - I'm not sure what it is with you people and Texas, but if I'm ever in the area I'll stoop by... until then IRC mofuckuh!

Chad - When you started to sing Aladdin I nearly shit my pants... alright I did shit my pants... THAT WAS SO FUCKING AWESOME. Next time I sleep at your house I'll "forget" to lock the shower door and you can "accidentally" take a shower while I'm in it

Colette - I'm so glad I got to see you! holy omfg crackers I know the flights are long but you must visit the west cost as often as you can!

Coonskin05 - /me moves a pebble around with his toe - 'hey coon'

CountingConflict - You were amazing my friend, I'll see you in stikum!

-D- - I wasn't in your wrap-up post... so send back that letterman jacket...


Droobies - Honestly dude, it was great meeting you, no matter how much I hang out with you in stickam it was a lot cooler in person

Dyson - TEAM AWESOME - All awesome... all the time

FooLiz - YOU SLEPT IN MY BED!!!111ONE, seriously it was awesome hanging out / shopping with you in SF, you're always welcome (p.s. I still haven't had vegimite)

GuitarAtomik - *fingersnap*

Hito - Hey love, one of these days you'll realize we need to get married, and on that day, I'll be ready

Itemforty - I love meeting people from IRC the most, so you were awesome regardless, but you were awesome + some (SEE WHAT I DID THAR?!?!)

Keener - Glad to talk to you post like... when you had a CS server... we should make out more often... and by make out I mean play together...

King3vbo - You, me alaska, you know the plan... p.s. we need to be able to see a glacier from our porch... lifelong dream

Knives - *shakes fist* - you're lucky my hat made it back in one piece.... :P


LostCrichton - ohhhhh em geeeeee dude... all of your cosplay was so fucking amazing!

Macca - You need to find Craig Sullivan... because YOU ARE HIM

Madninja - GURL YOU CRAZY! It was great meeting you!

Mid3vol - I still love you, even though you hog my man

Necros - Dude it was awesome meeting you! and crashing failcast! and hogging the mic!... my b - also work on that racism, you're getting there

Nick - Great to see you again! I'm sure I'll see you around

Niero - your name came up in the excel I wrote (because I cant alphabatise on my own...) but you get a thanks at the end of the list

Pheonix-Blood - I have your brittish ass number! I won't call it... because that shit's expensive... BUT I DO HAVE IT

Phist - DUDE, you're awesome as much as you are asian!

Power Glove - without you I wouldn't have a place to live! you're the savior of my trip! seriously man thanks 10x - if you ever come to SF you're more than welcome to my place... and my bed if you catch my drift ;)


Samit - DUDE! It was so epic to meet you, I can't wait to work with you... and kick your ass in NHL 09

Tazar - You know I love you, seriously, but it was so awesome seeing you again!

TheGHost - You're fucking insane. Seriously? insanity... I can't go 4 minutes without the internet

Topher - Way to disappear :P but I'm glad to see you've become known as Topher rather than Hushgush... so I stop getting your emails...


Niero I'm going to send that email, probably tomorrow, so that will have all of my heart-felt feelings and naked pictures in it, but for now I leave it as what I said in the community, whom I love very much, but I don't love them nearly as much as I love you! You're fucking amazing and I wouldn't be the person I am today if it weren't for you. Seriously dude, you've changed my life, and you FUCKING RULE!!!

Again sorry if I forgot anybody! feel free to leave comments of hate! this list has been stolen from other people's wrap-ups so I tried my best to include EVERYBODY

--edit-- those i forgot

@suff0cat - GET SOME SLEEP
@Aerox - YOU STILL OWE ME WINE... but I still love you

A while back, CTZ and I had the opportunity to sit down with some guys from Sandbox Strategies and gamecock for a nice sushi dinner. After being greeted with what could be the most pinky-up water, Jay decided it would be a good time to give his detailed review of the restaurant.

Although when I first received the email about this event I had no plans on actually attending, Drunk with Numbers and I somehow found our way out to San Jose in order to attend this open-to-the-public event. Arriving an hour late, we missed press registration, and as a result would have to wait in line or go home. Despite all of these setbacks, we're not going to be able to let this night go without sharing it with the rest of you guys


Thanks to our new friend Robert Taylor, we were rushed to the front of the line in order to run inside and take a look. Don't think we cut those poor people who had been waiting since noon to play the maps, we were told we wouldn't have the opportunity to play. We did, however, get to try some of the "minigames" they had set up around the event floor... if you can even call it that.

Ross went "pew pew pew" (shown in figure 1) and answered a series of questions in order to commandeer us some swag. I sat back from a distance and laughed as his freakishly good looks earned him a poster, a T shirt, and a... fact sheet (hawt... I know).

After the carnival type festivities were over Ross and I had some... eyes on time... with the game. We got to watch a bunch of fanboys up on a stage play the new maps. Ross seems to be under the impression they were good, I didn't bring my glasses so I didn't exactly get a good look.

After walking around and getting some swag, we found an opportunity to make our way out, very covert like, as we sped away in Ross's Mercury Milan.

While chatting with the guys down in IRCartel, I came upon a new discovery that will forever revolutionize the way you express the tightness in your pants via text. I will dispense this knowledge, now


Although it may be backwards, you'll have to get used to that. This new penis expresses not only love, but a desire to bend one over, and firmly stick it in. Although sending one another a heart or a penis may be fun, it's important to embrace this new lovable penis

Users agree, this new penis will revolutionize the way we speak, and you should embrace it too! I first brought you butsecks and now I bring you......


Check out what IRC users are saying!

22:28… ConradZimmerman: That's a revelation!
22:29… ConradZimmerman: ASCII penises around the world will never be drawn the same again!
22:29… +CharlieLovesChunLi: you have created love on another level
22:29… @Necros: my god
22:29… @Necros: it's beautiful
22:30… +CharlieLovesChunLi: ... i want it in me.
22:30… ConradZimmerman: It *is* in me.
22:30… +CharlieLovesChunLi: 1. print
22:30… +CharlieLovesChunLi: 2. fold
22:30… +CharlieLovesChunLi: 3. insert
22:30… +CharlieLovesChunLi: 4. enjoy!