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Daniel Carneiro's blog

8:22 AM on 08.27.2010

Call for writers

If you've listened to BritToid episode 3 (if you haven't it is here, just pretend that you knew all along) you might know that I was thinking about doing a videogame magazine. I'm now pretty much set to go, concept wise and this is where you guys come in!

The magazine is going to be about videogames (duh right?) and since it's going to be printed we have to play with the sensibilities of a non finite medium. We don't really have to care about time, which is a really good thing! You can just write about anything related to videogames but I'm not really interested in reviews or previews since you can get those pretty much everywhere on the internet.
I'm interested in stories, tell me about the feeling you had as a kid while turning on your NES for the first time, or your personal feelings about Peter Molyneux and his creations.

If I caught your interest and you have some ideas or just want to know more about this whole thing, get in touch via my email [email protected] or talk to me at PAX next week!

I'm very much looking forward to this whole project and can't wait to work with you guys :)   read

12:53 PM on 06.07.2010

Meet the BritToid cast - n0brein

Guten Abend und herzlich willkommen zu BritToid.
Ich bin n0brein, oder auch Dan, oder auch Germany!

Wie ihr euch schon alle denken könnt, bin ich der Doid Deutschland Korrespondent.
Ich habe die Seite so mitte 2007 gefunden indems ich auf rumgehangen habe und das geile Totenkopfshirt gesehn habe.
Foxtoid, cashwh0re und der latente Rassismuss brachten mich dann zum anmelden. Es dauerte jedoch ne Weile bis ich mich wirklich in der Community zuhause fühlte.

Seit Eurogamer häng ich regelmäßig in London mit den DtoidUK Leuten rum die ich über alles liebe!
Neben dem ganzen videospiele spielen studier ich Interaktionsdesign in Berlin, mache Videos, Fotografiere und mache Posters und so.

Wenn ihr wollt könnt ihr mich gerne auf twitter followen oder mir Morddrohungen schicken.
Ich hoffe sehr dass euch BritToid gefällt und dass ihr viel Spaß habt beim zuhörn :)

ps: Ich freu mich schon echt euch alle dieses Jahr in Seattle auf der PAX zu sehn :D   read

5:28 PM on 02.09.2009

Obligatory first post

Well hello everyone

I'm Daniel or how the internet likes to call me n0brein. I'm currently living and studying interface design in Berlin, Germany, the worst country for videogames... Except from design and videogames I'm really into music, concerts and clubs, I play in a band and make some music on my own in my room and it is as good as playing the best videogame in the world over and over again :)

Here is a quick write-up of how I found out about dtoid and how I decided to stay:
After browsing through some websites selling videogame t-shirts I found a shirt with an awesome looking robot on it. I fallowed the link under the shirt and found this website. That was in december 07...

It took me quite long to get signed up on dtoid, the whole thing really helped :D but since I'm a really lazy person I was just reading the awesome articles without really contributing to the site. After almost a year I started commenting, and now with the new forums I started posting on there and I'm having a great time :)

As you see, this post is like a billion years to late, but yeah, I still wanted to do it ;)

Everybody likes to show of there gaming stuff and so do I and here is my shit

this is where I enjoy the whole internet awesomeness

and there's my gaming shrine

these are my lovely consoles, I wouldn't consider me as a collector but I kinda am, if I see something I don't
have I end up buying it, like the massively huge xbox

my current gen console of choice with a nice 1TB hdd with NOT downloaded movies on it

some gameboys that just came together over time

yeah I know the n-gage is fail, but at the time it seemed like a really good idea ;)

my 360 games pile, Beijing 08 anyone? :D

the controllers and zappers

zomg anime fangasm

teh nintendo games

Unfortunately that's just a tiny bit of my gaming stuff, but I just moved from luxembourg (tiny country in the middle of europe) to berlin some months ago and it's like a 900 km distance, but if I have more stuff here I'll put it up :)   read

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