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The nets great for stuff except chain mail.
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I bet that you guys remember all those blogs I mad about the avatar problem there was a time when this was a legit problem, but it just so happens that you don't need the [url] or [img] in the box. Just right click the avatar(on PC not Mac's). Now I think I know why The workman didn't fix it again. I'll be making more comments now then ever. And I'm going to challenge everyone on dtoid to do the same First to 499,999 comments wins. And after that 989,000 and you get a prize.
Note: I just tried to embed a video from megavideo it beat youtube.

here's the funny clip. brought to you by never failing url's

This is a list of the games i think were best for the wii and maybe some other systems.

Metroid prime3: Because it was the perfect end to the perfect metroid/first person series.
SSBB: It will be epic

note: heay i know there's not alot of greats for the new gens but its only the first term.
i also think Streetfighter iv will be great for whatever system it's on, and it's in 3-d.

9:21 PM on 11.18.2007

I gotta say medal of honor 2 heroes was only a let down when I was learning the controls. You know when I found out I couldn't "jump". I mean I know this is suppose to be real like and all but even could jump. Other than that and the soldiers poister it was online goodness.

I'm going to make a link on 1 of my comments ,or in this text. Of course I will have to delete this post to keep the link to my own.Just don't give me a gay avatar. One piece, or spider-man avatars

6:33 PM on 11.12.2007

I might be 6 hours late on this one but the check mii out channel is like a mii veiwer/ vote channel. You can make new mii's and veiw ones that have been sent to you. I wasn't able to download it yet because of the college grade connection but I'm home and should be able to test it out now.
This may take awhile.

11:24 PM on 11.07.2007

From here on out I'm gonna try and upload some old favs of mine to this
scroll down to seacrh website check it out and upload some of your own they don't have mugen.I 'll be keeping a list of what I've uploaded. If you upload tell me so I can try it out and add it to the list.

.battle toads & double dragons