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I just got home from trading in a total of 139 original XBOX games. Not because I wanted to, not because I needed money, but because my work and school allow me little to no time to revisit these games anymore, and for the past year they've sat on my shelf collecting dust. After days of deliberation, I finally admitted to myself that these gems could find a better, more loving home that would give them the attention they deserved. Keep in mind these aren't games like Max Payne, or Brute Force. Since the launch of the XBOX I had only collected the creme de la creme, so I was letting go games such as Steel Battalion (with the mech controls) and House of the Dead 3 (with both blasters). Games of that calibre couldn't just spend the rest of their days sitting on my shelf, they had to be played. So my wall is looking a little empty, and I'm kinda sad about never playing them again.

There was a silver lining though, my nemesis at EB Games looked like he wanted to attempt a murder/suicide when he saw me walk in with my bounty, and I'm pretty sure I ruined his day, I suppose that was a bonus. Hate that fucker.

Also, kept my Haloz.

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