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DanSkaters Ass Kicking Vg Life

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So you like gifs...

From my last post it turns out you guys like gifs, lucky for you i happen to make gif videos on youtube. I have more but they arent that great.


Let's Ban Wrestling Games

When i heard that there was another wrestling game coming out, i could only bust out in tears. Wrestling is the fakest shit ever. Why make a game about something that nobody cares about anymore. Wot The Bloody Hell is this...


After all your base

Every one knows, when a foreigner makes grammatical errors its funny right. I was looking around on Google maps when I came across this: Yeah well. Right when i saw this store i thought, "Someone set us up the bomb." Do you ...


Portal. Online.

I found this great flash game. Its the concept of Portal. You guys are gonna love it. MMMkay. http://portal.wecreatestuff.com/


Macs Will Rule The World One Day

How many people with laptops have Macs? How many have ACERs? Alright, mmmkay, you dont know a lot of people. Did you actually answer the question in your head? Even worse, out loud? Anyways. The ratio of not owning a mac is 4:50 WTF is a ratio anyway??


Old Shool Shit up in here, up in here

I wanted to do a remix of Party Up (Old Skooool DMX) and Mario theme song. The result will be: You know the beat is niiiice right? Unless you're no fan of Hip Hop and Video Game Music. Snoop Kirby, Good Times. Im no freaking DJ tho. BTW, I know you heard this before. Party Up... ...and every knows how the Mario theme goes. Do you think it will make a good mix??


Anagram Challenge IS ON!!!

Alright go here and submit your anagrams http://www.destructoid.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=152050#152050 I found these out Huwwy Huwwyyyy. I put 2 favorites already in my Top Ten A new challenger Masturbation - It's nob trauma Twisted Imp Twisted Imp - Dimwit Pest This was the original blog post But now we are going official Submit in the forum 3 2 1 SUBMIT!


Anagram Challenge

I was looking at the Something Awful Photoshop Phriday Anagram Video Game Thread and i had an idea. Think of a phrase, game, person, thing, movie, food, etc and enter it here: http://sternestmeanings.com/ That will give you a...


Parody Game Boxes

Is there a site that has just parody game boxes? Dont Link me to The DToid forums or Worth 1000. \ I just love them, worth1000 has some good ones but i want to know if there is a whole site dedicated to it.


Google 1407

What if google was around in 1407? Tis Beta! Lets hope for a full functioning version of 1407. Spookah, 1 away from 1408.


October 1 - 5th Wii Releases

This could just be the worst week ever, with the exception of SOME games. FAIL! NBA Live 08 Spider-Man: Friend or Foe MLB Power Pros Dave Mirra BMX Challenge Crash of the Titans Balls of Fury Hot Wheels: Beat That! Counter Force Monster Trux Arenas Billy the Wizard: Rocket Broomstick Racing Ninja Bread Man (WTF!?!) H0T W|-|EE|_5 PWNS


About DanSkaterone of us since 7:14 PM on 09.16.2007

I like to game, skate, and animate on Aniboom
Yes, i am young.

I want THPG right now.

"But the weirdest bathroom I ever encountered was a public toilet at one of the temples. It was just a hole in the ground with a bowl of water next to it (with a ladle in it). Eh?"

- Outer Heaven

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