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I like to game, skate, and animate on Aniboom
Yes, i am young.

I want THPG right now.

"But the weirdest bathroom I ever encountered was a public toilet at one of the temples. It was just a hole in the ground with a bowl of water next to it (with a ladle in it). Eh?"

- Outer Heaven
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6:49 PM on 10.15.2007

From my last post it turns out you guys like gifs, lucky for you i happen to make gif videos on youtube.

I have more but they arent that great.

When i heard that there was another wrestling game coming out, i could only bust out in tears.
Wrestling is the fakest shit ever. Why make a game about something that nobody cares about anymore.

Wot The Bloody Hell is this??

If wrestling was real, they wouldn't have any reaction time because they're used to it being fake.
Talking about reaction time...

Thats is way more entertaining. Check Plus Plus!

Wrestling games have no point whatsoever. Lets kill em.

2:33 PM on 10.14.2007

Every one knows, when a foreigner makes grammatical errors its funny right.
I was looking around on Google maps when I came across this:

Yeah well.
Right when i saw this store i thought, "Someone set us up the bomb."
Do you think video games are affecting the way i think???
Huh, huh!!?!!?

And i also noticed that it said Men Women & Children. Instead of Men, Women & Children.
It may be pointless. But I think, some should check these errors before the gays and the women start saying, "Oh my gosh, are you going to the fashions show"
Im sorry.
And shouldn't it be queen?

3:43 PM on 10.12.2007

I found this great flash game.
Its the concept of Portal.
You guys are gonna love it.

How many people with laptops have Macs? How many have ACERs?
Alright, mmmkay, you dont know a lot of people.
Did you actually answer the question in your head? Even worse, out loud?
Anyways. The ratio of not owning a mac is 4:50
WTF is a ratio anyway??

I wanted to do a remix of Party Up (Old Skooool DMX) and Mario theme song.
The result will be:

You know the beat is niiiice right? Unless you're no fan of Hip Hop and Video Game Music.
Snoop Kirby, Good Times. Im no freaking DJ tho.

BTW, I know you heard this before.
Party Up...

...and every knows how the Mario theme goes.

Do you think it will make a good mix??