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SingStar Disney: Is Chad aware of this??

(disclaimer: I'm aware that this may be old news, but this is the first I've heard of it so far so I'll post anyway on the odd chance that you Yanks aren't aware of it yet) In light of the recent Retroforce Go podcasts where...


Hype, Games and Us.

Hype is a funny thing. I've been thinking about it a bit lately, and if you check out some of my previous blogs then you'd see how it's taken a hold of me before, so I figured that I'd lay out some of my opinions on the this ...


Rumoured "Minority Report" 360 interface

No doubt you've been hearing the rumours about the XBox Live Spring Update introducing a new 3d interface, and you've probably also heard that this interface will be designed by the people who designed the awesome 3d interact...


Is MGS4 worth $750 to you?

The Metal Gear Solid 4 hype train is running in overdrive, and it's fucking working like a charm on me right now. You see, I've played all the games in the Solid series and loved every single one, with Snake Eater ranking...


Tonight, I enter my first GH3 tournament

Held at the Evelyn hotel in Melbourne tonight, the first Guitar Hero tournament I've heard about down here is on, so I'm entering it FOR THE WIN (literally). It should be good fun either way, but the main prize for winning th...


About DanMazkinone of us since 6:52 PM on 12.15.2007

My names Dan. I live in Melbourne.
I love gaming, and I love guitar, though I don't get as much time to do as much of either as I'd like between working and living.

I'm a Graphic Designer, I love my Metal.

I've got some of my art and design work up here.

I've also got a few T-Shirt designs online too, check it.

I'm also part of a podcast, a very unofficial one. Made by Aussies for Aussie Dtoiders and other Dtoiders who like to listen to Aussie Dtoiders. Check that shit out.

That's about it.


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