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3:36 PM on 11.11.2010

I finally finished Amnesia! (Quick thoughts.)

So I've been playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent since launch, and yet I've been reluctant to succumb to the fear that is induced when playing it. After being less than impressed with the Penumbra series, I hide no shame in declaring my ĎIíll do it later,í attitude, and so hold no restrictions in proclaiming my procrastination when I originally bought the game. It's only recently that I've actually pushed myself to play it, and in the process have rewarded myself with one of the most inspiring (and my personal favourite,) game of the year.

I had originally played Penumbra over a period of weeks, yet never had the feeling of being 'afraid.' This was partly due to the fact that I had successfully killed a wolf near the intro, and so my wariness about the creature slowly declined into diminutive measure. Therefore, I felt inclined to just play the game for the story, and see what the (less than amazing,) outcome was. Simply put, Penumbra never 'creeped me out.'

Then, I replayed Amnesia.

Going into the game with questionable preparation (Iíd seen the trailer and played the first 10 minutes,) I was relatively fresh-faced and ignorant about the events to come. As I was slowly learning that I was to remain defenceless, and my only means of combating the danger was to hide, the opportunist in me realised that this was a concept hideously underrated, and instantly pulled me in.

Iíll relieve you the struggle of reading through every thought I had whilst playing, but know this, Amnesia has continued to impress me, continued to scare me, and continued to make me appreciate the developerís creative flair. Amnesia is a fantastic game, and itís at the top of my list (so far,) for game of the year 2010. I've been planning to do a video review for some time, and I believe that this is the game I shall do it with. You can check out my channel over at youtube,] (it's relatively bare at the moment,) if you want future updates.

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