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Dan Hoyt avatar 11:45 PM on 05.19.2009  (server time)
I don't do blogs

For my first blog post I will write to you, my non-existent reader, about the fact that I do not "do" or "write" blogs.

Yes, this is a video game website, I know. I have considered writing posts about video games: topics such as why Sega should stop ramming Sonic the Hedgehog up the ass, why the PS3 is still underrated, and why video games should be appreciated as much as movies, at least. The problem is that every time I sit down to write a blog I think to myself, "Why?" Why would I spend a fraction of my day writing something that no one will read?

Since I was little I used to try time and time again to start a journal. People in my life always told me it would be a great way for me to get my feelings out in a healthy way. Maybe that was just an easy way for those people to tell me I had an anger issue, something which I still debate with myself to this day.

Regardless, during the dubious times I have tried to start either a journal or blog, I have gotten a few words in and just quit, frustrated with coming up with just the right thing to write. Hell, as I write this, with every word, I am tempted to just click the back button and go back to refreshing Facebook and Destructoid, clicking that Stumble button in the upper left corner every now and again.

But nah--I already have a good bit written. I don't even think I am going anywhere in specific with this. I just want a stepping stone from which I can launch my career in blogging.

But why blog? Here's my take on it. Everyone has an opinion, but few want to listen to that which others have to say. A blog is a way for someone to express their thoughts on this that or the other while also communicating their opinion to that odd reader that randomly stumbles upon (not StumbleUpon, stumble upon) the blog. I think the network of blogs across the internet is slowly weaving public opinion of planet Earth throughout its inhabitants without allowing itself to be tainted by those at the head of mass media companies.

Hopefully if you're reading this you'll hear from me again in the future... about video games. Because I am most certainly opinionated on those.

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