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Dan Hoyt's blog

6:57 PM on 04.07.2010

What's up with bald protagonists?

I'm telling you, my friends and countrymen, we're in the midst of a global conspiracy. Though it has become a running joke in the gaming press, the video-game shaved-headedness epidemic is NOT A JOKE. Laugh all you'd like, ...   read

11:08 PM on 10.06.2009

A new genre of summer blockbuster-and a move towards a more mature medium

I swear: every day I see a new post about some game being delayed into the Spring. Is this the beginning of a shift towards a more summer-oriented gaming market? I'm not entirely sure at what point Hollywood began focusing o...   read

11:45 PM on 05.19.2009

I don't do blogs

For my first blog post I will write to you, my non-existent reader, about the fact that I do not "do" or "write" blogs. Yes, this is a video game website, I know. I have considered writing posts about video games: topics suc...   read

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