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Damien's blog

8:00 PM on 10.05.2007

My Sims

I think My Sims is very cool for someone who wants to make their own world and be how they want to be (like me).I like when you are able to build whatever you want in the workshop, even the workshop.But I didn't like when I was making my sim and I sounded like a girl most of the time.Also this is so funny when I messed up with the boombox so I gave it to Buddy the bellhop.Then when the museum guy moved in and when he asked for the two sculptures the second one I gave him had rocket launchers plus they're sweet looking.   read

7:46 PM on 09.05.2007

metroid prime 3 corruption

I think metroid prime 3 has awesome graphics and amazing scenery.I'm here with nick chester asking him about metroid prime 3.
Damien:what do you think about the characters?
Nick:Well, Samus is back, and she's sweeter than ever, obviously. She also has some sweet bounty hunter alien friends, too, including that guy who turns things into ice. That guy is my favorite, obviously. Yeah, totally sweet.
Damien:what do you think of the bosses?
Nick:I was excited to see that Ridley was back, and I got to kick its butt early on. Being able to aim with the Wii remote is really fun, and it made kicking Ridley's butt easier than ever. But, of course, I never have a problem whooping Ridley. I've been doing it for longer than you've been alive, Damien.   read

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