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12:13 AM on 03.04.2011

The Fighter Revival is Microsoft's Time to Strike!

Hey Dtoid!

I'm gonna keep this short, I haven't written in a while due to my new job taking up all my free time, but rest assured I've been following news on my Droid at work. The Fighter Revival has been in full swing for this console generation and there is a certain game that is fucking PRIME for release as I speak, but the holders of the IP are oddly sitting on their hands due to bad business decisions by everyone involved.

Where is Killer Instinct?

Killer Instinct was first released at arcades and saw it's first home appearance on the Super Nintendo. I remember that day distinctly. I was in elementary school and I was home sick due to a very painful dentist appointment. My dad got me this game, thinking it had to be badass, because it came in a black cartridge and had a music CD. I never trust my parents in buying me the right game on their own, but this is the only time I can remember they hit gold in their first up.

This 2D fighting game with graphics that looked like SNES' Donkey Kong Country was developed by Rare. Yes, RARE. That awesome game company that got gobbled up by Microsoft and shat out as a hallow shell of their former glory. The game was famous for the robust combo system and grip of announced combo names "Super, Ultra, King, Monster, Killer", various oddball characters, the term "C-C-C-COMBO BREAKERRRRR" and coming with a music CD that would embarrass you in front of your friends to listen to in public, but was ultimately low-key awesome at age 12.

I don't know if I'm the only one thinking this, but I REALLY REALLY want to see Rare dust off their computers and create this game for the 360 as an exclusive (as they really need a new one that's not a shooter) which would hopefully kick some major ass.   read

11:16 PM on 07.27.2010

Limbo is to Video Games as what Lost was to TV.

WARNING: You're entering the SPOILER zone. If you don't wish to have me ruin anything about Limbo or Lost, GTFO! Gloves are coming off.

I'm one of the many who was glued to his TV every Wednesday night watching the newest episode of Lost. The myriad of questions flooded my brain and every day I had a new theory I would share with my friends who would have different theories of their own. Flash Forward to the end of the series and I'm pretty sure none of us went, "Oh yeah, I bet this show is about an island powered by electro magnets or some bullshit and a stone cork that keeps everything together." They didn't pull a Sopranos, but it wasn't the best ending to a series that was all about mystery and adventure at every turn. It was something new, mystical, on the edge of paranormal, but somehow grounded in reality by our own minds. After the series was over I was pretty disappointed, but not because of the ending. I was more disappointed that my weekly trip to Hawaii was gone and I had to take my Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass and tuck it away in my desk drawer for good. That was .... until I entered Limbo.

I never played Limbo, nor do I think I ever will. My cousin actually brought his Xbox over to my house and bought Limbo the day it came out. We fired it up that afternoon and my girlfriend and I just watched in awe and amazement over him playing this game. Someone call up Roger Ebert, the debate is over, we won. The beginnings of Lost and Limbo are so similar that it can't be ignored. In Lost, the first moments open up with our main character, Jack, waking up in the middle of a bamboo forest alone. He's disoriented, but gets up, regains composure, and ventures out to see what happened. This same beginning is how we're introduced to Limbo. Our boy, who we named Douglas, woke up in the middle of a forest... alone. Disoriented, we immediately regained our composure and ventured out to see where this game would take us.

This game shows how amazing Lost could have been, but I think they both ended on the perfect note. Only, in the event of Lost, they had to place that ending in the completely wrong and atypical of the show package. Jack and Douglas both died as they lived, in the forest where we first found them, except with a sense of accomplishment. The thing that Limbo did that Lost didn't was Limbo kept it's air of mystery and intrigue throughout the course of the game, never letting us see the man behind the green veil. We were left to our own devices to create our own plot lines, characters, and settings to the world we experienced, the world of Limbo. It's a game that is as great and complex as you make it. Just like Lost, it could be about a guy surviving in the wilderness, or something amazing and unbelievable. I guess if an award should be awarded to best Writing in a Video Game this year, it should not only goto the developers of Limbo, PlayDead, but all of us. Congrats on reigniting the fire, may it forever burn.   read

4:16 PM on 07.24.2010

What can we take away from the Street Fighter x Tekken live demo?

Gameplay Video from

Welcome Fight Fans!

The interwebs are abuzz with our first taste of the new crossover game by Capcom and Namco entitled Street Fighter x (Cross) Tekken. Since we were so lucky to actually see this live demo, we are able to take away a lot of key points to how the gameplay will go. Using my inner Sherlock Holmes, this is what I can deduce from the footage.

- Capcom's version of this fighter (Namco is doing Tekken x Street Fighter in a presumably 3D affair) will be using the Super/Street Fighter IV engine, graphics, and art style for all characters. Expect your Tekken favorites to look a little bit buffed up and manga-esque.

- Tag Combat is in effect. With a minimum of two on two, which I'll expect to be the max as well, you see a couple of custom ultras used between both partners. With a devastating attack such as that, you should expect to see that empty out both character's ultra meters, or a shared meter like Marvel vs Capcom?

- More on Tag Combat, we didn't see any other tag-related offense besides the ultras. Will you simply get a "helper" character just like the original Marvel vs Capcom? I doubt that, expect full tag-in combos and juggles.

- Speaking of juggles, a Tekken staple, the "Air Juggle" is implemented as you can see via Ryu's combos on Kazuya and vice versa.

- So far only four confirmed characters, none of which are a surprise, and a 5th if you've seen the trailer. Poor Dan Hibiki, will he ever get a break? You see his body thrown into a heap next to Ryu at the beginning of the official trailer. So far expect: Ryu, Dan, and Chun Li representing Street Fighter, and Kazuya and Nina representing Tekken.

- Did I say Dan Hibiki? Yes, I did, he's my main in Super Street Fighter IV, and I never play a Street Fighter without him in it. The presence of Dan himself should make this a day one buy and pre-order for everyone.

- The stage the game was played on looks like some shit was going down. There was a throw back to Capcom with a Tekken Soldier looking from beneath a large Tokobot head. The destruction of the environment background is a throw back to Tekken's largely disastrous and urban environments.

- For those claiming Street Fighter dominance due to projectiles, it looks like the Tekken characters will be able to definitely handle themselves. Kazuya has a shoryuken-style uppercut and a vicious spinning low kick combo (kinda like Sakura's). This isn't the first time they've crossed over into enemy territory. Heihachi was in Soul Calibur 2 for the Playstation 2. Yoshimitsu is a staple character for both titles.

This is a very exciting time for fighting fans. This truly is a new golden age of fighters and a rebirth for the new generation. As a long time Street Fighter and Tekken fan, this is a dream game come true. I only have a couple questions unanswered so far as I type this. Will we have a "Tekken Force" mode with Street Fighter characters? Will Capcom do their own in the form of a Final Fight game mode? Will there be damage for characters hitting the walls via juggle? Will Street Fighter finally be faithfully created in 3D by the masters at Namco?

Stay tuned America, we're gonna be proving some axioms soon!   read

6:58 PM on 07.17.2010

Is there a real difference between Xbox and Playstation these days?

What makes a Playstation and an Xbox different beyond the form factors of the consoles and the people who make them? Why is it still wrong for my Xbox to go out to get some coffee with a Playstation? Ooh, taboo you say! But, they both have 90% of the exact same titles. They all have the same number of buttons on their controllers in nearly the same locations. One rumbles more while the other waggles a little, but that's really it. It's like saying a Mac and a PC aren't the same. If you follow gaming on Steam, you'll see I can play my cousin Mac, on his Mac, in a game of Team Fortress 2 from my PC. Just cause I'm clicking Left Mouse, and you're hitting the Apple key in the same server, the world is not going to melt down around us.

I had a dream last night, where we lived in a world where little Xbox boys held hands with little Playstation girls and they all went to the same areas and played harmoniously in Modern Warfare 2. Sure, one screen said "Press RT to fire" and the other said "Press R1 to fire", but nobody cared.

I feel like this time of Nintendo vs Sega, Sony vs Nintendo, Microsoft vs Sony is coming to an end. The only people who win the console war is the guy in a suit with a Ferrari who signs the checks. I foresee a future where there will be one form factor for a console with multiple companies creating it with various auxiliary features for less money, just like DVD players are made today. The rising cost of gaming during this rough economy doesn't have people trying to buy a $600 system anymore. Look how much more Playstation 3 Sells at a price point more than half it's start value.

We laugh at the Phantom now, and we know how much of a huge hoax it really was today. But, think about it for a second. Is this idea really just something that was ahead of its time? Could they have had the same idea as I had, with way worse intentions and mafia money? Probably.

More importantly, the advent of cloud gaming is here. There are many naysayers who believe this will fall under, and I have my doubts that the service will be as good as they claim. But, in 10 years from now, maybe we'll look back at this time and laugh at our crappy internet connections and how we attempted such a feat over the internet way too soon.

America, fear not, for I am with you. I have seen the mountain top and it is good, but the valleys below rot with decay. Support indie developers, support fresh ideas, keep an open mind during these times of innovation, because without our support they will surely falter. Do we really want Bobby Kotex running our gaming lives? Vote no with your check books.

-Dameon Angell   read

3:13 PM on 06.23.2010

DLC is nothing more than Horse Armor

I think we all got that tell-tale tingle down our spines when we first heard of the magical "Downloadable Content" that was preached at the E3 and other events before the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 game out. I know I did. Imagine a game that can always be fresh, new, and exciting every time we turn it on. Look! A new fighter in my game is here! Over there! Wow, a brand new 2011 Shelby Cobra in my Need for Speed! God, I was a sucker for their snake oil. Bethesda's Elder Scrolls III: Oblivion hit me upside the head with a baseball bat of reality one morning. DLC turned out to be nothing but Horse Armor.

I hate to join everyone in beating a dead horse (haha, get it?!), but if there was a patient zero for this DLC Disease, it has to be the horse armor. Granted, Bethesda redeemed themselves with the Shivering Isles Expansion, but all is not forgotten. Due to the staggering number of Horse Armor sales, many other companies have joined in on the nickel-and-dime process of offering up small, useless items as proper DLC.

Case in Point: (Super) Street Fighter IV (Capcom)

If you wonder why the Super is in parenthesis, its because this DLC issue started in Vanilla SF4 and continued on into Super. One of the x360's early titles Dead or Alive 4 gave each character at least 1 bonus outfit for beating the game, if not up to 10 for some characters. None of the outfits cost us a penny over the $60 asking price for the game. Sure, Street Fighter offered us up some color swaps for the characters, 10 a piece, but when it came to actual costumes, we had to pony up some cash. Currently, if the DLC goes as previously planned, to get all the costumes it will cost you 2000 microsoft points. That's roughly $25 for everyone's 1st and/or 2nd outfits. Your total SF4 investment if you came in at vanilla? $125 if you didn't pay extra for special editions of the game. Now, that's horse shit right there.

Case in Point 2: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Activision)

Blizzard is a just and right company, I'm not dragging their name next to Activision's. Modern Warfare 2, in itself, is a debatable among the CoD Community if it's really just as much of an expansion as if it's a fully-featured new game. I cannot get into that, but what I do know is that everyone was up in arms over the pricing structure for their map packs. Each pack comes with 5 maps, each pack costs $15, and each map then comes out to be $3 if my basic math skills haven't failed me yet. In Microsoft Points thats roughly 360 per map. Also, in each pack 2 of the maps are rehashes from CoD4! So, your total investment into Modern Warfare 2 is already $90 if you bought the basic game. God help you if you paid $150 for the broken night vision goggles and then get to walk around saying "To play Modern Warfare 2 fully, I paid $250". This is no Steel Fucking Battalion! Hell, Steel Battalion cost only $160, and that game blew your shit out your balls.

In closing, there is such thing as good DLC, but it's hard to find sometimes with the sea of shovelware piled upon your favorite titles. Fallout 3 brings some good longevity to it's title with added campaigns. Just don't get me started on how Mass Effect 2 was specially designed for DLC and then tried to sell us this Katsumi bitch that nobody cared for. If DLC is truely the wave of the future, then I'm scared for us my brothers and sisters. As a gaming nation, we must stand united against the future's Horse Armor and tell them "Hell no! We won't go!"

Thank you, and good night.   read

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