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Dale North avatar 11:36 AM on 01.18.2008  (server time)
Who makes the best fast-food hamburger?

I'm curious; what fast food burger does Destructoid deem to be the best? My only criteria is that it can't be some obscure bullshit. It has to be a popular fast food joint. Also, it needs to be BEEF.

If we're playing the anywhere, anytime thing, the burgers at Stack (Mirage, Las Vegas) are incredible, as are the ones at O'Charley's (sit down restaurant). Also- Five Guys is famous and delicious.

Fast food is a different story.

I have to say that I like Hardee's Frisco Burger. That $6 burger was good too. Carl's Jr., naturally. Wendy's is passable, but not great IMO. I do think that Wendy's is the best/safest fast food overall.

Fuck Burger King and Sonic. No can do. That's basically shit in a sack. The Whopper will give you the worst aftertaste and breath ever.

Can we get a Whataburger or A & W in this bitch? Are you going to make my eyeballs roll out of their sockets with the in-and-out vote?

The above pictured burger is great, although I've never had it as a double. McD's Japan also has amazing shrimp sandwiches, but that doesn't fit in our little survey.

Lastly, what the hell happened to the Arch Deluxe?

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