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Dale North
11:14 AM on 02.29.2008

I have no better term for these kind of people, so let me explain.

You've got people like myself -- we're called "foodies" -- and then you have people with an 8- year-old's palate. Do you know someone like this? I'm talking about the people who aren't necessarily "picky," but more about those who refuse to eat anything other than things like chicken fingers, Mac & Cheese, hot dogs, hamburgers, etc.

I don't know why, but I know too many people like this. They can't go to any kind of fine dining experience, because no matter how good the food is, they won't eat anything 'adventurous.' What happened to these people that they can't eat fish...or a salad...or blue corn tamales? Did food traumatize these people as kids?

What's worse is that I know some extreme cases: One gal claims that she's allergic to pepper, salt, and all manner of spices. WHY EVEN EAT. JUST DIE NOW! Another is obese, but has their diet narrowed down to about 15 dishes. How is this person so fat if they're so picky?

It's a big world out there, and its packed with amazing food. Everything from fast food to fine dining to homemade treasures - and the Mac & Cheese People are missing out. What's sad is that they'll probably never venture out into real M&C territory - like my multi-cheese casserole.

Try something new, damnit!

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