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I had a problem with my bank account. I always do as a full-time blogger. I call the bank and ask for help. And instead of that help, I get this:

"Which team are you rooting for?"

I respond: "The anti-sports team."

She scoffs and goes about fixing things for me. Not my income, but that's another c-blog post.

It just reminded me of how much I dislike sports. The face painting, the tailgate parties, the unnatural support thrown behind a group of men that just happen to live in the same town you do. Or men that go to the same school.

Or your life centered around a ball.

It's just fucking silly. I understand being a fan of things, like I am of videogames. I just can't relate to those that are on a one-track path to Super Bowl Sunday. They don't know anyone on the field. Nothing is going to happen in their lives if their team wins or loses. Nothing in their live changes (unless they're betting).

When they scream at the television, no one hears them. No one cares about your sporting-themed clothing except the others that wear it, and maybe those that wear an opposing team's garb.

Sport fans -- if you're that into a ball going back and forth, play a sports videogame! At least then you'll be entertained by something you can control.

Ok, i'm starting to sound stupid myself. There's even a .org page for all of the haters. I wouldn't go as far as saying "free our schools!" or whatever they're trying to say.

I'm just saying that sports aren't that big of a deal. Stop freaking the fuck out.

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