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Dale North
12:23 PM on 11.21.2008

In response to my recent front page post, I wanted to respond personally to say how much Shadow of the Colossus' Argo sucks, especially when compared to Ocarina of Time's Epona.

First, let me say that Shadow of the Colossus is one of my favorite games of all time, easily ranking above Ocarina of Time for me. So it's not that.

I'm not talking on the story aspects of the horses here. I'm talking about the basic functions required as a transportation/battle horse.

Okay, horses are bred for only one thing (other than Meat in other countries), and that's to run a fucking straight line. Right? Well, this asshole couldn't run a straight line to save his life. Pun? Yes.

I died so many fucking times because of his half-assed running. Move, turn around. go this way you dick.

And what a shit turning radius for a horse when he was turning. All the dude could do is veer. Not turn. Not walk straight. Fucking veer left or right.

Worst is his lack of courage! He gets scared by anything. Even fucking steam coming out of the ground. He rares up on his hind legs like some kind of fucking pansy horse at anything.

I will say that my opinion has changed a bit after finding his move list, though. But he still sucks compared to Epona.

Epona was obedient as fuck. She stayed where you told her to stay, and ran when you called her. That's all I ask for in a horse. Not this veering and pansy-ass raring up.

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